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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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Categories: design   ||   photo compressor 0.5


Convenient program for the decrease of sizes of photographs. It allow you easily to press 2-3 times of photograph, moreover without the loss of quality noticeable by rule of thumb. After the process of compression you can observe directly during the work with Photo Compressor.

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Photo Compressor 0.5

photo compressor 0.5

Categories: design   ||   atani 4.04


convenient program for the lung and the effective creation of GIF animation and AVI files. Program Atani flexibly tune all parameters of sequence, optimize color palette.In addition to this, with aid of Atani you can regulate the transparency, the running line added, and it also seized animation from the screen and preserved separate personnel from AVI.Program has the built-in editor, who allows to worke with sizes BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO and so forth.

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Atani 4.04

atani 4.04

Categories: design   ||   art frames 2.37


Graphic editor for the imposition of the framework and masks in the photograph. The well selected framing not only decorates photograph, but also imparts to it perfection. ART Frames Possesses the widest possibilities on the framing of any photograph. The results of work possible to examine in the full-screen regime, it preserve in different sizes and printe out. Program has friendly interface and is simple in the mastery. Into complete set ART Frames is entered the large number of most diverse framework and masks, which allow achievement of remarkable results for the photograph of practically any genre. After registration the users obtain unique complete set from 200 new framework and masks of professional quality.

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ART Frames 2.37

art frames 2.37

Categories: design   ||   twistedbrush 11.1


Good graphic editor for artists. TwistedBrush has a large quantity of the most diverse tools for drawing, from the paints to the chalks and the pencils. In addition to this TwistedBrush is located by a number of uncommon tools. You have a possibility to mix up the oil paints, it use sprayers and sketched sketches.

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TwistedBrush 11.1

twistedbrush 11.1

Categories: design   ||   imageonline 2.1


Convenient tool for compiling qualitative images of vector drawing in regime on- Line. This possibility is allowed using program Imageonline in the widest spectrum of the Internet- tasks: from the simplest guest books, the forums and the chat rooms with the graphic exchange of information to complex on- line- editors of Internet sites. The chief characteristics of program Imageonline are:
- the text size of storage of graphic information, which allows to preserve drawing without the limitations on the local computer;
- the possibility of using other graphic representations, published in the Internet, indicating URL- references on them;
- the creation of animated images by the simple motion of mouse with the aid of the completely new type of tools - animated brushes;
- the creation of the simplest animation with the drawn objects. Imageonline dont concurrents with the popular tools for design creations (Photoshop, CorelDraw and other). Program Imageonline is positionned as accessible means in the field of "rapid" WEB- design

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Imageonline 2.1

imageonline 2.1

Categories: design   ||   faststone capture 4.8


Free editor of graphic files, who unites in himself the functions of the checker of files and program for removing screenshots. FastStone Capture Supports work with sizes BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA. The possibilities of the built-in editor impress, will be accessible the following operations: rotation and extraction of fragments, a change in size and depth of the color of image and much other.

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FastStone Capture 4.8

faststone capture 4.8

Categories: design   ||   photo frames pro 1.25


The professional program for the formulation of photographs into the framework, which allows to make an image stylish and harmonious, gave to it the final and spectacular form. work with Photo Frames PRO easily and simply: graphic file sufficiently opened and selected the framework in one of 12 categories (a total of about 150 framework even in the trial version).
Also possible to configure brightness, the contrast of photograph and put a number of filters. At any moment the result is accessible for the full-screen survey. After the registration of program Photo Frames PRO the users obtain even more than 200 framework and the masks of excellent quality. Photo Frames PRO Will make photograph properly beautiful!

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Photo Frames PRO 1.25

photo frames pro 1.25

Categories: design   ||   artweaver 0.4.3


Good free graphic editor. Has in its arsenal the set of the tools, which give possibility to imitate drawing by brush, by chalk, pencil, coal and so forth artweaver it supports work with the layers and popular sizes TIFF, TGA, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG; a large quantity of effects supports. It sketched in Artweaver possible both with the aid of the mouse and having begun to operate graphic plane-table.

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Artweaver 0.4.3

artweaver 0.4.3

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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