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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   internet download manager beta


With intensive rates contunie the development of the alternative managers for download under name internet download manager. Program insignificantly differ from similar solutions, having in this case completely standard set of functions. To the basic of them is possible to add download files with the use of method of with separation of task in several parts, the built-in planner, the support of safe connections and integration in browsers, the limitation of speed the downloading of strip both in the manual and automatic regimes and much more.

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Internet download manager Beta

internet download manager beta

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   orbit downloader 1.4.5


Today there is already a sufficiently large quantity of different kind of download managers  ; . Orbit downloader exactly is the young representative of the new generation of utilities from the analogous opera.

However, now program acquired by sufficiently decent face in the network, and, furthermore, now it makes gaudy in the news titles basic file archives.

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Orbit downloader 1.4.5

orbit downloader 1.4.5

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   utorrent 1.6.1 build 488


After prolonged interruption and attempts for the realization of additional possibilities was released the new version of compact and convenient client µTorrent. It is developed as alternative standard and to the set of other clients for network bitTorrent.

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uTorrent 1.6.1 Build 488

utorrent 1.6.1 build 488

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   bitcomet 0.84


Continues the update of the free client for the work in network bitTorrent. BitComet is powerful application for the work with one of most popular p2p protocols. Program contains no spayware or destructive code, it works rapidly. Its interface is simple in the use, contains the built-in browser for downloading torrent files. Support the simultaneous download of several task, the load of selective files, the rapid update of work, chat room, the limitation of speed, the reassignment of ports, work through proxy and much more.

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BitComet 0.84

bitcomet 0.84

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   getright pro 6.2


Today was released the new version of download manager getRight. It is integrated with the majority of popular web- browsers, it accelerates the download of file, dividing off task in several parts, support download resume  (with the condition of the support of this function by server). It is equipped by the built-in planner, the functions of automatic search for files and mirrors (service fileMirrors.com). getRight Make possible to use scripts for the automation of routine actions and download  files. There is a support for downloading  files from protocol bitTorrent. It is accessible in two versions. The version pro is characterized by the standard possibility to use proxy server for other programs Windows, and also extended by support of scripting.

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GetRight pro 6.2

getright pro 6.2

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   internet download manager


The developers of the download manager : internet download manager released the fresh update for their program. Sufficiently insignificantly it is differed from similar solutions, having in this case completely standard set of functions. To the basic of them is possible to add the download of files with the use of  method of separation task in several parts, the built-in planner, the support of safe connections and integration in the browsers, the limitation of speed and much more.

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Internet download manager

internet download manager

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   reget deluxe 4.3.282 beta


Continues the devellopment of beta version of the home development reGet. Program is the very functional solution, which is not inferior in its possibilities to analogous products. It makes possible to download files (with support of resume ) from FTP and HTTP servers. Support protocols HTTPS, MMS, RTSP, it works through proxy. The complete enumeration of possibilities is accessible on the official site.

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ReGet deluxe 4.3.282 Beta

reget deluxe 4.3.282 beta

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   azureus


Today was released a udate of the new version 3.0 for the peer-to-peer network Torrent by name azureus. Program is positioned as powerful alternative to standard and bulky P.O. of very creators  protocol. It is written in language java, which facilitates its transfer to other operating systems and platforms. Interface is sufficiently simple and intelligible, in spite of large number of all possible functions and tuning. For the work is necessary the pack J2SE runtime environment from Sun fifth or sixth version. This release is called to ensure close integration with the multimedia services for the download of video with format  high clearness .

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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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