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Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   azureus


After insignificant delay the final version under number appeared. Program is functional BitTorrent- client, written with the use of language java, which in turn simplifies task in its working under different operating systems, not only Windows, but also Linux, MacOS X and their analogs. It has professionals capability. The interface of program is sufficiently simple and intelligible (there are three regimes for different levels of preparation), in spite of large number of functions and all possible tuning.

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Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   filezilla 3.0.0 beta 5


Today was released the new test assembly of open FTP- client fileZilla even more unstable than branch 3.x. this one of a few free products, it is completely compact, it is tuned under its own needs and has sufficiently simple interface. FTP client on his possibilities in nothing inferior to analogous paid products: work through proxy, resume of files download, support secure connection, caching catalogs, the limitation of speed and much more.

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FileZilla 3.0.0 Beta 5

filezilla 3.0.0 beta 5

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   smartftp 2.0.1001.9


The author of the free FTP- client smartFTP update his program.This Is powerful and completely functional client for the work with file servers on the standard protocols FTP and SFTP. It is designed in the style of the last version office 2007, has multi language-language interface. Only minus is mapping reminders about the purchase after 30 days of use, which automatically converts program into nagware. However, this observation concerns only day operating cycle from 9 to 17 evening, any reminders will be absent in the remaining time.

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SmartFTP 2.0.1001.9

smartftp 2.0.1001.9

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   teleport pro 1.43


Developers from company tennyson maxwell sufficiently rarely gladden us by update. Last version of one of the oldest offline- browsers teleport was released in the middle of last year; however, now became accessible new release under number 1.43. Program is convenient and sufficiently simple means for the complete copying of contents from remote web- sites. It works in several source, it can use authorization, filter files from types and contents, keywords and other parameters. Support all accessible today technologies, such as HTML, CSS and DHTML with different revisions. It is released in three versions: Pro, Ultra and VLX. They all in essence are characterized by a quantity supported recursive references to other sites in the limits of one project. Version VLX, with cost into 2000$, is capable of processing up to 40 million references, while ultra only 260 thousand addresses. In more detail about the additional possibilities of separate versions is possible to read on the pages for each product.

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Teleport pro 1.43

teleport pro 1.43

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   smartftp 2.0.1001.4


The author of the free FTP- client smartFTP also updated its program after new-year interruption. Program is powerful and completely functional client for the work with file servers on standard protocols FTP and SFTP. It is designed in the style of the last version office 2007, has multi-language interface. Only minus is the reminders about purchase after 30 days of use.

Possibilities appear as follows:

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SmartFTP 2.0.1001.4

smartftp 2.0.1001.4

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   flashget 1.80 build 1002


Today was Updated the last version of the download manager flashGet. It is extended on the noncommercial basis, support work in all versions OS Windows, including Vista. C of the current release can interact with P2P- networks bitTorrent, and also has an updated interface. Furthermore, it support series HTTP/FTP- protocols, and also several multimedia . It is possible to isolate from the basic functions: tracking of exchange buffer , the interception of references,  limiting the download speed, work through proxy- servers, search for alternative mirrors , automatic dial, the change of interface skins.

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FlashGet 1.80 Build 1002

flashget 1.80 build 1002

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   filezilla 2.2.30


Today was released the new version of the open FTP- client fileZilla the stable version of 2.x. this one of  few free products, it is completely compact, it is optimized under its own needs and has sufficiently simple interface.This FTP client has the possibilities to analogous paid products: work through proxy, resume of file download , support secure connection, the caching of catalogs, the limitation of speed and much more.

In this release:

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FileZilla 2.2.30

filezilla 2.2.30

Categories: download-ftp-management   ||   total commander 6.56


In parallel with the development of new version, it must contain a set of improvements, the author of popular file manager Total Commander does not forget about the support to the last version 6.x. program support work with long names, as it is placed in all managers for Windows, contains built-in FTP client (with the possibility to work through proxy- servers from different types), it makes possible to carry out different operations with files, beginning from simple copying, and concluding by ziping. It is integrated with any archiver due to the built-in support, with the installation of external module or use of contextual menu explorer. With entire variety of possibilities installer occupy less than two megas-byte, and functionality have low system requirements .

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Total commander 6.56

total commander 6.56

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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