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Categories: driver   ||   razer diamondback driver 6.00


Razer Company , noted for in the first turn its production for gamer of different level, updated firm drivers for game pad razer diamondback.

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Razer diamondback driver 6.00

razer diamondback driver 6.00

Categories: driver   ||   3dfx sfft driver alpha 44 for voodoo3-4-5


Today was released the new version of driver SFFT, intended for long time ago removed from production video card 3dfx. It works in the medium of operating systems Windows 2000 and XP. In this driver Are released the united version for entire series card voodoo3, 4 and 5, it has the standardized architecture. It is developed by the group of enthusiasts, since from the 3dfx remained some recollections, but the working versions of the card.

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3dfx SFFT driver alpha 44 for Voodoo3-4-5

3dfx sfft driver alpha 44 for voodoo3-4-5

Categories: driver   ||   realtek ac97 audio codec driver version a3.98


Company realtek updated the version of drivers for those integrated sound solutions family AC97. Know it support the codecs of series ALC, integrated in the majority of contemporary motherboards.

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Realtek AC97 audio codec driver version A3.98

realtek ac97 audio codec driver version a3.98

Categories: driver   ||   nforce 430-410-405-400 driver 15.00g


The corporation nVIDIA, continuing to enlarge the support of new operating system Windows vista, released a number of new drivers practically for the entire last of the rule of its system logic beginning from nForce 4 and concluding by the last solution nForce 680a SLI.

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nForce 430-410-405-400 Driver 15.00G

nforce 430-410-405-400 driver 15.00g

Categories: driver   ||   amd catalyst software suite 7.1


Company AMD tries not to lag behind its competitor nVIDIA and also does not lag behind the graph of production of new drivers for the operating system Windows vista. Since in the video card of family radeon where absent  the solutions with the support Of directX 10, problems with the release of final driver for all compatible from Vista video card did not arise. This version under number 7.1 continues January . Driver is intended for all video card, which has hardware support to DirectX 9.0. In this release as usually, is corrected number of the existing problems with the drawing, compatability with the separate devices is improved, and new possibilities are also added.

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AMD catalyst software suite 7.1

amd catalyst software suite 7.1

Categories: driver   ||   nvidia display driver100.54 english


Occurred current major event for the owners of powerful video card of desktop segment, and precisely the geForce 8800. The corporation nVIDIA released the first official test driver for the new operating system Windows vista, which was called to realize the hardware support Of directX 10. 30- m January of 2007 dated, does not have WHQL- certificate and it is intended for the work in the media with different architecture x86 and x64. You officially support family video card geForce  series 6,7 and 8, and also their Quadro versions, i.e., actually entire, that have hardware support directX 9 in order to correspond to the minimum requirements of new OS.

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nVIDIA display driver100.54 English

nvidia display driver100.54 english

Categories: driver   ||   motherboards utility update


In the case were there is no information about the new bios for the concrete motherboard, it is possible to use utilities for BIOS update through Internet. They make possible to verify in regime real time the presence of new version, its download and to update directly in the medium of operating system Windows. The same available in the majority of the important producers:

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motherboards utility update

motherboards utility update

Categories: driver   ||   new motherboard bios


New BIOS versions for motherboard:

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new motherboard bios

new motherboard bios

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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