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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   hwinfo32 1.72


Today was released the new version of the small information- diagnostic utility hWiNFO32. Its author support immediately several versions, intended for the work in the medium Windows and DOS; however, the latter was updated sufficiently rarely. Both versions are intended for mapping the information about the installed hardware in computer, in this case it support practically all last component. They conduct monitoring, read indications from the system sensors for the control temperature, volatge and rotation speed of fans. In the Windows- version there are several built-in tests performance for the comparison with other configurations, including new. Complete information about the system can be preserved in report. The nearest competitors with the approximately analogous functionality are products from the company sysinfo lab – ASTRA and ASTRA32.

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HWiNFO32 1.72

hwinfo32 1.72

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   nvidia ntune


Corporation nVIDIA updated the version of its firm program product under name nTune. This utility is intended for the fine adjustment and overclock of motherboard on the base of the system logic of family nForce. There is a function for monitoring (temperature, fans, volatge) and changing thin setting of the system components  (fans speed, volatge,memory timing), using for this a simple and intelligible interface. It can overclock the system and also check  the stability . All operations are made in the operating systems Windows without the need for rebooting the computer or going in BIOS. Depending on the models of motherboard the possibilities of program can be limited, in some cases it is considerable.

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nVIDIA nTune

nvidia ntune

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   nero cd-dvd speed 4.70.2


Today was Updated the version of the powerful and free utility nero CD -DVd speed.It Enters in the composition of popular burning pack nero, its basic purpose is testing the speed of optical disk and dvd disk and also for fulfilling different diagnostic and auxiliary functions. Program makes possible to verify the speed of reading data from the disk, to set the speed of rotation  and the type of access to the disk (CLV, CAV, P -CAv, Z -CLv), the speed of data transmission , the random access speeds, the spinup time , the discovery time, the duration of disk recognition, the degree of processor load with different reading speeds.

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Nero CD-DVd speed 4.70.2

nero cd-dvd speed 4.70.2

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   belarc adviser


today was released one additional version of the small information- diagnostic complex belarc adviser. In essence this is a firmware analyzer for Windows, it makes possible to obtain detailed report about established software and hardware components in computer . Data are collected by special module and are interpreted in the form of report in a html file. For the work it is necessary to have the browser internet  explorer.

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Belarc adviser

belarc adviser

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   heavyload v.2.2


HeavyLoad is a small free utility, which simulates active operation and loads system so that you could verify that how your  Pc at the moment of maximum loading. The following components of computer will be tested under the extreme conditions: processor, memory, hdd, operating system, etc.

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heavyLoad v.2.2

heavyload v.2.2

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   memtest86+ 1.70


TToday was updated memtest86+ although with some delays,it continues to be developed. His last version appeared in the end of 2005, and now developers represented new release under number 1.70.

Memtest86+, as it is not difficult to surmise on name, is the highly effective test for the operational memory, which with will make possible to determine the errors of work in various configurations. Why highly effective? Because in the long years of existence program completely proved the authenticity of its indications. It can be started practically from any of the loading disk, support practically any types of memory, and respectively, platform for them. Distribution has originally  four versions: independent application for DOS, loading from diskette, binary file and ISO.

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Memtest86+ 1.70

memtest86+ 1.70

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   fresh ui 7.75


Today was released the sequential version Of fresh UI, small utility is intended for the configuration and optimization of operating systems  family Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP). Contains a large number of option for both  operating system and separate applications. It makes possible to tune interface OS, to optimize installations, system applications and policy security.

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Fresh UI 7.75

fresh ui 7.75

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   atuner


The authors of small utility aTuner released the final version of their product. Program is intended for tuning video card nVIDIA and ATI. Completely determines hardware guarantee and drivers, support for multimonitor configuration, makes possible to tune all basic parameters 3d in one laying, profiles with the setting are created and contains the built-in manager for the starting games with different parameters. It works with drivers detonator/forceWare from 23.11 and to 97.02 for nVIDIA and Catalyst from version 3.0 and last 6.12 for ATI (it is not compatible with the control board SSS).

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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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