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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   belarc adviser v.


Today was Updated the free utility belarc adviser, which reflects detailed information about the program and hardware installed in the computer and reflects the obtained results in the Web browser. For the work is necessary Web browser not below IE 3 or Netscape e; also are supported Opera, Mozilla and Firefox.

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Belarc adviser v.

belarc adviser v.

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   hard drive inspector 1.98 build 1014


Today was released the new version of utility hard drive inspector. This software is intended for monitoring and diagnosis of the hard disks state  in the medium of operating systems family Windows. This program Uses as the basic source for the forecast technology S.M.A.R.T ; as one of the versions of warning user about the possible  HDD failure . Interfaceis sufficiently convenient, is simple in use and translated into many language. From the deficiencies it is possible to note the impossibility to work with nonstandard PCI/PCI-Express controllers.

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Hard drive inspector 1.98 Build 1014

hard drive inspector 1.98 build 1014

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   opengl extension viewer 2.28


Today was released the new version of utility openGL extension viewer. This is small free program, intended for mapping the detailed information about the graphic OpenGL- subsystem and driver of video card, installed in the operating system. Diagnostic function is fulfilled by unique, preventing user about the compatability of components with other version openGL.

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OpenGL extension viewer 2.28

opengl extension viewer 2.28

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   everest ultimate 3.50 build 863 beta


Lavasys company continues testing and fixing its diagnostic packet of series everest. This is powerful program for the identification and testings for practically any components of computer. It give detailed information about entire hardware and software, installed in the system.Program existed in the united version and it had another name (AIDA32), it was extended free of charge, but it was subsequently transferred into the commercial. Today hardly to find something similar software with the possibilities and the effectiveness everest.

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EVEREST ultimate 3.50 Build 863 Beta

everest ultimate 3.50 build 863 beta

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   ati tray tools beta


Appeared the fresh test version of the compact utility ATI tray tools. It is intended for the fine adjustment video card on the base GPU from ATI (AMD), wide access to different parameters, it is actually capable to replace the standard and completely bulky control center driver, known as Catalyst control center. it support practically all existing adapters of the family radeon, released earlier by company ATI. Functionality can be enlarged with the aid of the additional modules, some of them are accessible here. the complete enumeration of functions is possible to become acquainted on the official page of project.

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ATI tray tools Beta

ati tray tools beta

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   winaudit 2.17


Frequently it is necessary to gather basic information on all program and hardware components . Certainly, for this purpose it is possible to use information- diagnostic utilities, like Everest or Sandra; however, in certain cases with the use of their demo versions are superimposed specific limitations moreover necessarily the presence of separate system components, and also installation. In that case help can another software by name winAudit.

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WinAudit 2.17

winaudit 2.17

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   victoria 4.2 beta


Continues the work in beta version of the powerful utility named victoria. This program is a part of complex repair and restoration hard disks tool. Its DOS- version comes out as alternative of another similar program MHDD32 . This version victoria is created for the work in the operating systems family Windows. Program is intended for evaluating the fitness of hdd work, testing and minor repair of hdd with interfaces IDE and SATA.

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Victoria 4.2 Beta

victoria 4.2 beta

Categories: hardware-benchamrk-test-monitor   ||   fresh ui 7.74


Appeared a new version Of fresh UI, small utility intended for configuring and optimization of the operating systems family Windows (95/98/Me/2000/XP). Contains large number of tuning for both operating system and separate applications. It makes possible to tune OS interface, to optimize installations, system applications and policy security. It is free for noncommercial use.  

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Fresh UI 7.74

fresh ui 7.74

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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