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Categories: tools   ||   vmware workstation 6.0 build 39849 beta


The company vMware inc continues to test the new version of its virtual machine for the working stations by name vMware workstation under number 6.0. Program emulates independent computer and it makes possible to work with it as with usual system. Thus, it is possible to install different OS and applications for them, to leave in the Internet and to be occupied by daily tasks. Usefulness consists in the fact that it is possible to test different software under different operating systems, without bringing in this case harm on the current system, install on basic computer. It can substantially facilitate life to the developers of cross- platform applications and to amateurs work with new OS. The fifth version has a number of update like the retention of status system for failures protection  , the associations of several virtual systems into the internal network, clonings, records video and retention of screen shot and more.

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VMware workstation 6.0 Build 39849 Beta

vmware workstation 6.0 build 39849 beta

Categories: tools   ||   powerarchiver 2007 10.0 beta 10


Today was released a new beat version of the most powerful in plan of functionality archiver power Archiver. Program is the contemporary application, which combines in itself the support of practically all popular format. Can pack in ZIP, and also CAB, LHA, BH, TAR and 7Z with the high compression ratio, extract files from ZIP, 7 ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, BH, XXE, UUE, yENC, MIME, RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE and ZOO. Also there is a possibility to open different format disks, as: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG. If necessary it is possible to use the coding of archives with the aid of the algorithms AES . Interface support change skins, works both in the classical and contemporary form.

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PowerArchiver 2007 10.0 Beta 10

powerarchiver 2007 10.0 beta 10

Categories: tools   ||   samurize 1.64.3 beta


Appeared the new beta version of the known utility by name samurize. This is free software, intended for monitoring of all possible system resources and mapping the assembled statistics directly on the screen of working desktop. It can show practically everything: load and temperature of processor, free operational memory, free space on  hard disks partition, the speed of data transmission on the network, the speed of fans rotation and much more. samurize support various functions that can depend on the concrete model of motherboard and its onboard sensors. From the additional possibilities it is possible to note the regime of calendar during the present month, mapping the weather forecast, program of telecasts and news from RSS- channels.

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Samurize 1.64.3 Beta

samurize 1.64.3 beta

Categories: tools   ||   jv16 powertools 2007 beta 4


Continues the testing of the following version of the integrated complex jv16 powerTools 2007. Program is intended for the work with the registry of the operating systems family Windows, contains a set of unique functions. It optimizes work OS with the aid of automated defragmentation module and cleaning the registry , removal of unnecessary files and other rubbish. In all are united in it 23 separate components with different functionality . Program works under control of operating systems Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

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jv16 powerTools 2007 Beta 4

jv16 powertools 2007 beta 4

Categories: tools   ||   faststone capture 5.3


Today was released the new version of utility fastStone capture free for the personal and noncommercial use. Program is sufficiently powerful application for taking photographs of working desktop Windows. it Makes possible to capture both separate elements, windows, parts of working space and complete screen . It has small panel for the manipulations of images. From minuses it is possible to note the impossibility to work with three-dimensional applications.

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FastStone capture 5.3

faststone capture 5.3

Categories: tools   ||   universs 0.6


The corporation microsoft continues to apply the maximum efforts for the popularization of new OS Windows vista. Its no secret to anyone, which the interface in the operating system new generation uses a three-dimensional efect and it will begin to operate in hardware acceleration of video adapters. And here appeared the first prototype of product, intended to begin to operate all possibilities . The program univeRSS is three-dimensional RSS- client for reading news in the medium of operating system Windows vista. Three-dimensional interface in the regime of complete screen entirely is used, and obtained data are derived analogously.

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UniveRSS 0.6

universs 0.6

Categories: tools   ||   xnview 1.90.2 complete


By several beta updated the last release of very convenient utility for the survey of graphic files xnView. Program has the contemporary interface, capable of changing skins, can examine more than 400 diverse graphic sizes and preserve into 50 of them, works with the multi-page and animated pictures, support reading tags with meta-data for the digital cameras, it makes possible to conduct the conversion of some format without losses, to apply diverse effects both for separate and group files...

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XnView 1.90.2 Complete

xnview 1.90.2 complete

Categories: tools   ||   hard drive inspector of 1.99 build 1023


Today was Updated the version of utility hard drive inspector,  intended for monitoring and diagnosis of the state hard disks in the medium of operating systems family Windows. Uses as the basic source the technology S.M.A.R.T . Interface is sufficiently convenient, is simple in use and is translated in many language. From the deficiencies it is possible to note the impossibility to work with nonstandard PCI/pCI-Express controllers.

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Hard drive inspector of 1.99 Build 1023

hard drive inspector of 1.99 build 1023

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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