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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   winsnap 1.1 build 10


Today was Updated one of the small utilities from company NTWind software. WinSnap is sufficiently powerful for capture and workings with photographs on the screen. It makes possible simply to take the images of any window of any form with the background on the selection of user, automatically performs simple operations on transformation and improvement in color, and also are superimposed smooth shadows in the style Of photoshop. Support several basic format. Is certain WinSnap is not the only program of this type; however, in the comparison with the more powerful analogs as SnagIt and HyperSnap-DX, extends free of charge and it is oriented toward somewhat another class of users.

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WinSnap 1.1 Build 10

winsnap 1.1 build 10

Categories: tools   ||   xnview 1.90 complete


Was completed the prolonged development stage of new version of popular and very convenient program for the preview of graphic files xnView. , Taking into account gratuity, to name other competitors in this segment is sufficiently complicated. XnView has the contemporary interface, capable of changing skins, can examine more than 400 diverse graphic format and save in to 50 them, works with the multi-page and aninimated pictures, support reading tags for digital cameras, it makes possible to conduct the conversion of some format without losses, to apply diverse effects both to the separate and to group files, connects the moduli of expansion from powerful graphic editor Adobe photoshop, batch processing and much more.

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XnView 1.90 Complete

xnview 1.90 complete

Categories: tools   ||   gimp v.2.3.14


Today was released the new version of known graphic packet GIMP. Program possesses all functions, necessary for contemporary graphic editor. Besides the usual editing of the images of all basic format, it support work with scripts and plug in.
In the new version control is improved, graphic interface is finished, new functions and possibilities are added, errors are corrected.

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GIMP v.2.3.14

gimp v.2.3.14

Categories: tools   ||   faststone photo resizer v.2.4


Today was Updated the free software fastStone photo resizer, intended for the conversion of pictures from one format in another, and which makes possible to change sizes, to re-name, to cut, to revolve, to change color diagrams, to add text and other effects on images. Utility can work in the batch mode, support the function drag & drop, it makes possible to preserve and to load tuning, etc.

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FastStone photo resizer v.2.4

faststone photo resizer v.2.4

Categories: tools   ||   cleancenter v.


Today was released the new version of utility cleanCenter, which is used for removal of unnecessary (temporary) files from hard disks, created during the work of different applications. Program will recognize more than forty eight types of files, and, after revealing similar, it can move away or move them in recycle bin. It works bright and does not require fine adjustment.

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CleanCenter v.

cleancenter v.

Categories: tools   ||   dvdfab decrypter v.


Today was Updated the program dVDFab decrypter, intended for creating identical copies of DVD- disks, including menu, trailer, etc, and also making possible to accommodate the created copy on one or several ingots. DVDFab can copy DVD-9 in regime 1:1, move away all protection (CSS, Region code, RCE, Macrovision, UOPs), and also write the obtained copy to the two-layered disks.

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DVDFab decrypter v.

dvdfab decrypter v.

Categories: tools   ||   infra recorder 0.41


As practice shows, the majority of programs for burning optical disks are as a rule commercial solutions, sometimes even in the cases when they are from other solution, if we compare with pack nero. But was located the enthusiasts from the peace of open source, who decided to propose the alternative product, whose name Infra recorder. In their time optical disk from Creative bore the suffix infra; however, this program has to this producer no relation.

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Infra recorder 0.41

infra recorder 0.41

Categories: tools   ||   rocketdock 1.3.0


After a number of test version is released the final release of the new version for the program rocketDock. This small animated panel for starting programs and discovery of system folders in the style of the similar solutions, such as ObjectDock and, strictly, the analogous control panel from MacOS  X. RocketDock works so rapidly as the commercial version Of mobyDock, visual formulation is beautiful as in Yz dock, and operational stability is located on the sufficiently high level. Program compatible with the skins from all known similar products, which makes with its universal application.

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RocketDock 1.3.0

rocketdock 1.3.0

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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