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Categories: tools   ||   the gimp for windows 2.3.14


Today was Updated the Windows- port of stable version  popular graphic  nix  editor GIMP. this is an open source solution, intended for the work with the digital image and photographs. It possesses exceptional functionality and expansibility (due to the possibility to additions and expansions, which convert program almost in the valuable competitor Of Adobe photoshop). For the imitation to the latter, is a special version by name gIMPShop.

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The GIMP for Windows 2.3.14

the gimp for windows 2.3.14

Categories: tools   ||   cdrwin 4.0d unicode


WIth slow rates continues the developed of popular program for burning disk CDRWIN. Functionality is not burdened,it makes  possible to perform the standard operations of burning . It works with CD, DVD, and their different modifications: Audio CD format karaoke CD+G (supported). Support the creation of the start up and multimedia disks. Interface is made in the sufficiently usual style.

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CDRWIN 4.0D Unicode

cdrwin 4.0d unicode

Categories: tools   ||   xnview 1.90 rc3


Today Appeared already the third according to our calculation version of the universal program for the preview of graphic and media files xnView. This software Support a enormous quantity of graphic format, it makes possible to convert in more than fifty of them and also to make screen shot . the built-in converter for batch processing of files with the fulfillment of diverse operations and base means for treating the (effects, manipulation with color, support modules from Adobe photoshop), it is well designed. Support video and audio is ensured due to codecs installed in the system. The complete list of possibilities is given on the official site.

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XnView 1.90 RC3

xnview 1.90 rc3

Categories: tools   ||   anydvd


After a number of test versions appeared final at the current moment release of the compact utility anyDVD. Program is layer for the work with the DVD- disks. It works according to the analogous principle as DVD region+CSS free, removes CSS- protection and deprives the disk of tying to the specific region. All operations are conducted in flight, no  actions to  is necessary.

This release corrects problems with some DVD- disk, which used protection fluxDVD.

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Categories: tools   ||   vlite 0.9 beta


Continues the active development of the new utility vLite. Its basic purpose is preliminary working with operating system Windows vista. Program makes possible to remove unnecessary components, to use different settings, and to also automate the process of installation. The intensive introduction of new possibilities occurs at the current moment. This release opens a sequential number of the possibilities, basic from which as usually the possibility to remove new components, and also integration with drivers. Specifically, last function will make possible to reduce the size of total distribution on the optical disk.

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vLite 0.9 Beta

vlite 0.9 beta

Categories: tools   ||   cobian backup


In connection with increase in the contemporary hard disks, frequently appears the need for reserving critically important data. For the solution of this problem it is possible to use commonplace copying in Windows, it is possible to automate entire process with the aid of the stereotyped commands from  DOS and to neglect the script through the built-in in Windows planner. However, given methods are somewhat limited.

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Cobian backup

cobian backup

Categories: tools   ||   paint.net 3.0


Today was released the final release of new version from the free open graphic editor Paint.NET. Program is developed with the active assistance of corporation microsoft, it is positioned as replacement Of paint, which enters into the standard delivery of the operating systems family Windows. It is intended for the work in the medium OS Windows (beginning from 2000 and above). Interface is made in the style of classical products from Microsoft and it is not overloaded. There are powerful tools (Magic wand, Clone stamp and other), work with layers is supported, is possible the memorization of the unlimited number of actions and also to restor changes, contains large collection of special effects for processing images (the removal of the effect red eyes and other). In the standard form it is supplied in two languages: English and German.

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Paint.NET 3.0

paint.net 3.0

Categories: tools   ||   faststone image viewer 2.9


Began the work on the following version for the program fastStone image viewer. This is the most rapid, stable and compact checker of graphic files. Contains the set of interesting possibilities, among them: management and comparison, the removal of effect red eyes, send by electronic mail, format change, cutting and control of color range. Allows access to the data EXIF, has a browser with the function of preview , which will rapidly derive the list of all files in the selected catalog.

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FastStone image viewer 2.9

faststone image viewer 2.9

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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