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Categories: tools   ||   photofiltre 6.2.7


Among the free graphic editors for Windows there is not many worthy representatives, who could brag by the sufficiently professional level of possibilities. such program products is PhotoFiltre. This is finished complex for the work with digital images, the large collection of functions and effects. It is supplied with a number of possibilities, which are most frequently inherent in large commercial developments; however, in this case program is free for the personal and noncommercial use, furthermore, it is calculated for the connections of the additional modules, freely accessible for downloading. PhotoFiltre allows both base functions (sample, cloning, drawing etcetera) and more advanced (application effects, superimposition masks, tuning picture). Is present the built-in component for the preliminary survey of accessible images before the discovery, which makes possible with the ease to select necessary file. Support batch processing with application from different kind of effects, beginning from a simple change in size and concluding by the imposition of filters.

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PhotoFiltre 6.2.7

photofiltre 6.2.7

Categories: tools   ||   vlite 0.8 beta


Today Was updated the development of the new utility vLite. It is created with the sole purpose: preliminary working is the distribution of operating system Windows vista. It makes possible to remove unnecessary components, to use different tuning, and to also automate process of installation. The intensive introduction of new possibilities occurs at the current moment. Now installation after the removal of all components for the architecture x86 can be quietly accommodated by Cd- ingot (depending on version distribution). The significant reduction of the consumption of operational memory reduced Windows in comparison with the complete version is also noted, the general performance of system respectively rises.

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vLite 0.8 Beta

vlite 0.8 beta

Categories: tools   ||   paragon drive backup personal 8.5


The company paragon, released the new version of program paragon drive backup personal.This Is a complex for creating the reserve copies of data, including complete contents of hard disk together with operating system, and also the separate files and applications. The firm technology of restoration makes possible to turn data from the copies directly in the medium of operating systems Windows . Because of the simple interface and the rapid work, all operations will not engage much time.

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Paragon drive backup personal 8.5

paragon drive backup personal 8.5

Categories: tools   ||   rocketdock 1.3.0 beta 6


Appeared the new test assembly of program- analog to objectDock and MobyDock. RocketDock is small panel for the simultaneous adornment of system and increase in the convenience in the work with the most frequently used applications and folders. It is made in the style of analogous element from the operating system macOS, it is only intended for the work in systems family Windows.

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RocketDock 1.3.0 Beta 6

rocketdock 1.3.0 beta 6

Categories: tools   ||   winhex 13.7


The company X -Ways Forensics released the new version of hexadecimal editor WinHex. Program is universal application for editing and checkings any types of files. It makes possible to restore those removed, lost as a result of the failure of file systems or maps memory data. It can edits files according to the specific template, it clones divisions into the means and the coding of data . Furthermore, it unites,unifies, analyzes, converts and compares files. Built-in editor of disks support work with the file systems of the following types: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, CDFS, UDF, Ext2, Ext3, Reiser, and also directly from physical disks.

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WinHex 13.7

winhex 13.7

Categories: tools   ||   undelete plus 2.52


Today was released the new version of small utility for restoring files undelete plus. It makes possible to restor data, which were sent to the recycle bin or removed.This software support net disks and file systems OS family Windows, namely: NTFS, NTFS5, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. it Is possible to work with hdd and compactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia, Secure digital. Program works in all versions Windows of architecture x86, except Vista. It does not contain advertising  it works rapidly and in this case it is completely free.

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Undelete plus 2.52

undelete plus 2.52

Categories: tools   ||   nsis 2.23


Today was released the new version of small open source installer NSIS (from the creators of popular multimedia player winamp). It is based on its own script system, it increases that packed of distribution with the program by a comparatively small volume (on the order of 50 kilos-byte depending on conditions), has intelligible and simple interface and uses LZMA compression (archiver 7zip), support a set of languages, it is enlarged with the aid of additional modules. For it specially written several shells, which simplify the creation of automatic installers. It s adapts for a enormous quantity of products, including the same Winamp.

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NSIS 2.23

nsis 2.23

Categories: tools   ||   paragon drive backup v.8.5 professional edition


The company paragon software (SUD) released the eighth version of program paragon drive backup, intended for the realization of reserve copying for servers and working stations in the composition of corporate networks.

The loss of data, as a result of interference server or working station, at any enterprise can involve the catastrophic consequences, up to the complete crash. company paragon software (SUD) released the absolutely new solution in the reserve copying for the small and mid-sized business, Paragon drive backup v.8.5. This solution provides the possibility of designing of the precise copies of hard disks and their divisions. Paragon drive backup 8.0 Server edition ensures to users a number unique possibilities, namely:

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Paragon drive backup v.8.5 Professional edition

paragon drive backup v.8.5 professional edition

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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