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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   belarc adviser


Following the January updates security from Microsoft was released new version of small information- diagnostic complex belarc adviser. In the essence of its this is firmware analyzer for Windows, it makes possible to obtain detailed report about installed software, and also hardware components of computer in the base form. Data are collected by special module and are interpreted in the form report html file. For the work is necessary the browser internet explorer.

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Belarc adviser

belarc adviser

Categories: tools   ||   jv16 powertools 2007


begun the work of the following version of the integrated complex jv16 powerTools 2007. Program is intended for the work with the list of operating systems family Windows, contains the set of unique functions. It optimizes OS work with the aid of the automated defragmentation modules and disk cleaning , removal of unnecessary files and other rubbish. In all are united in itself 23 separate components with different functionality under specific objectives. Program works under control of operating systems Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

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jv16 powerTools 2007

jv16 powertools 2007

Categories: tools   ||   foxit pdf reader 2.0 build 1312


After prolonged interruption was updated the last version of program foxit reader. It is created as alternative to the standard adobe reader. This is free utility for work with PDF- files with the functions of pint and the improbably small size distribution, grow prettier speed work and by the sufficiently rich set of functions. It is intended for the operating systems of family Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and compatible with the standard PDF version 1.6. The release of the second version represents a set of new functions, among them the interactive filler forms, multilingual interface, simple additions, the built-in system update, the possibility of work with Javascript, and also the accelerated print, the optimized interface and much more .

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Foxit PDF reader 2.0 Build 1312

foxit pdf reader 2.0 build 1312

Categories: tools   ||   gx transcoder alpha


Continues the development of GX::Transcoder version 3.20, process is located on the early stage of testing. Program is universal trans-coder for treating of audio- files. There is also additional components, in particular Cue-Cutter, intended for the thread files, converter WAV and MP3 in sound effects, the built-in player, and also the module sound recording from external sources. Support the record of data audio material and the editing of tags from different format: ID3v1, ID3v2, APE 2.0, OGG comment, Flac comment and WMA.

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GX Transcoder Alpha

gx transcoder alpha

Categories: tools   ||   hide folders xp 2.7 beta


Today Began the open testing of the following version of utility hide folders XP from company fSPro. Program is intended for the protection of personal data in the medium of the operating systems family Windows.software is Used for blocking access algorithm from the possibilities of file system NTFS in combination with password.

From changes:

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Hide folders XP 2.7 Beta

hide folders xp 2.7 beta

Categories: tools   ||   vuescan 8.4.01


Today was also updated the version of program for the work with scanners and cameras by name vueScan. This software work for replacing the standard interface of driver, according to its functions it considerably exceeds standard possibilities , options are activated depending on the concrete model device. In the majority of cases is necessary the installation one of driver alone (without interface scanning). Support work with more than five hundred models of scanners and more than two hundred digital cameras.

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VueScan 8.4.01

vuescan 8.4.01

Categories: tools   ||   adobe reader 7.0.9


The company adobe despite to the release of the eighth version of program packet adobe reader (or Acrobat reader), updated the previous branch of 7.x. This software is intended for reading electronic books in format PDF (portable document format), which actually appears standard for the digital documentation. it Makes  possible to excute many base operations with files, such as press, copying contents, with the condition of the lack of defense file, to search for a full-text .

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Adobe reader 7.0.9

adobe reader 7.0.9

Categories: tools   ||   phpmyadmin 2.9.2 rc1


Continues the development of the server PHP- complex for remote control of data bases phpMyAdmin.This Is web- interface for the work with BD mySQL versions 4.x and 5.x. it is written in language PHP, which makes possible to use it practically on any server. Support creation and removal of data bases, the editing of tables and separate data, fulfillment SQL commands and demands. Interface is transferred into more than 50 languages.

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phpMyAdmin 2.9.2 RC1

phpmyadmin 2.9.2 rc1

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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