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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   rocketdock 1.3.0 beta 3


Today was released the new test version of program- analog objectDock and MobyDock. RocketDock is small panel for simultaneous adornment of system and increase in the convenience in the work with the most frequently used applications and folders. It is made in the style of analogous element from the operating system macOS, it is only intended for the work in systems of family Windows.

This assembly acquired a set of small addition and many errors was also removed.

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RocketDock 1.3.0 Beta 3

rocketdock 1.3.0 beta 3

Categories: tools   ||   directx runtimes (january 2006)


Company microsoft released in January update of the collection of libraries directX for the operating systems family Windows. It is intended for the work with the new three-dimensional  applications, which use last technological operating time API directX. Is accessible the complete version of installer with several languages in the complete set. Are supported practically all accessible operating systems  

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DirectX runtimes (January 2006)

directx runtimes (january 2006)

Categories: tools   ||   system mechanic 7.0.5 standard


Ilo company released the fifth update of the seventh version of the collection utilities under name system mechanic.this software Contain four different component for eliminating the system troubles, ativirus and Internet protection, the restoration of system files, tracking the security in the network, and also the safe removal of files.

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System mechanic 7.0.5 Standard

system mechanic 7.0.5 standard

Categories: tools   ||   poweriso 3.6 beta


Today was released the new test version of utility powerISO. This is compact and powerful program, intended for the work with the means of diverse carriers.It Make possible, to unpack, compress, edit and convert files with format ISO/BIN, and to also mount them with the aid of the built-in virtual emulator drives. Thus, the large part of files can be used without the application methods of decompression. There is a support of practically all popular format for optical drive: ISO, BIN, NRG, DAA and other.

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PowerISO 3.6 Beta

poweriso 3.6 beta

Categories: tools   ||   winsnap 1.1 build 9


The authors of the known program taskSwitchXP, intended for replacing the customary dialog of the change windows (Alt+Tab), in parallel work at the product by the name Of winSnap. This is a powerful utility for capture of working photographs of screen. It makes possible simply to take the images of any window of any form with the background on the selection of user, automatically performs simple operations on transformation and improvement in color, and also are superimposed smooth shadows in the style Of photoshop. Support several basic format for the retention. Is certain that WinSnap is not the only program of this type; however, in the comparison with more powerful analogs as SnagIt and HyperSnap-DX, extends free of charge and it is oriented toward somewhat another class users.

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WinSnap 1.1 Build 9

winsnap 1.1 build 9

Categories: tools   ||   paint shop pro xi 11.11


Corel company the releaser of Paint shop pro, just updated to the new version of its editor. Program is complex for the work with the image, on its possibilities it attempts to be in the level of Adobe photoshop, but with the incline to the home user. There is a set of different tools for treating the graphic files, the automated batch processing, scanning and much more...

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Paint shop pro XI 11.11

paint shop pro xi 11.11

Categories: tools   ||   faststone capture 5.1


the authors Of fastStone capture released updated version with a number of improvements. Program is sufficiently powerful, but at the same time simple to use .this software is intended to get screen shot from desktop windows.it Makes possible to capture both separate elements, windows, parts of working space and complete screen . It has small panel for the manipulations of images. it is not possible to work with 3d applications. This software is Free to use for personal and noncommercial use.

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FastStone capture 5.1

faststone capture 5.1

Categories: tools   ||   faststone capture 5.0


After small interruption was released the final version of utility capture photographs from screen : from company fastStone. FastStone capture is sufficiently powerful software, but at the same time simple to get screen shot from the working desktop Windows. it Makes possible to capture both separate elements, windows, parts of working space and complete screen . It is equipped with small panel for the manipulations of images. From minuses it is possible to note the impossibility to work with the three-dimensional applications.

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FastStone capture 5.0

faststone capture 5.0

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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Recover My Files 3.98.5178 (2963)

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Nokia PC Suite 6.82.21 (15668)

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