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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   pdffactory pro 3.11


FinePrint company released the new version of pdfFactory. Utility is virtual printer to preview any documents in size PDF. Support preliminary survey of pages with the possibility of editing the arrangement order , the addition of watermarks and forms for the documents, the retention of the printed given into different types files (JPEG, TIF, BMP), optimizing the sizes of documents and much more.  

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pdfFactory pro 3.11

pdffactory pro 3.11

Categories: tools   ||   winxp manager 5.0.6


After new-year holidays again was updated the program winXP manager, intended for the operating systems Windows XP and 2003 Server. Sometimes it makes possible to accelerate work, to increase safety and to dispose the important parameters of system. Hearth also consists in a number of applications in one shell. Completely compatible with the last  service service pack 1 and 2. to get the software working will be required the presence Of net framework 2.0 in the system.

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WinXP manager 5.0.6

winxp manager 5.0.6

Categories: tools   ||   google talk


Google company released the new version of compact IM- client. Google talk . it is based on the protocol jabber, but has the considerably extended functionality (for example, it supported vocal contact). It is extremely simple to use, it is integrated with the on-line- services of company, in particular with the email service gmail. For the work with the program is necessary the active stock-taking record of the post service the same as google, which is used for the authorization.

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Google talk

google talk

Categories: tools   ||   uninstall tool 2.0.7


today was released the update of the small utility uninstall tool. Program is intended for replacing the built in windows for the installation/removal of programs (Add and Remove programs) in the operating systems family Windows. It is characterized by extended functionality and working speed , and also by additional possibilities.it Has multilingual interface. From recent time, and more precisly after the release of the first version it has got new possibilities and interface, it passed as a commercial products. Program works in the operating systems microsoft Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista.

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Uninstall tool 2.0.7

uninstall tool 2.0.7

Categories: tools   ||   nlite 1.3 rc


In spite of holidays, majorities of software developers clearly worked hard. Sequential example is the new version of the utility nLite. Program is intended for the preliminary preparation of adjusting distribution Windows actually from zero. It makes possible to integrate necessary updates, drivers, to cut out separate components, to integrate some programs, to use the advanced option and to automate installation process . It creates and writes data to the disk, from which is possible to install a completely disposed under its needs operating system. Its interface is transferred into many languages. It works with the entire rule NT, beginning from the fifth version (Windows 2000) and concluding x64.

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nLite 1.3 RC

nlite 1.3 rc

Categories: tools   ||   vista transformation pack 6.0


One of the most complete products, which is placed in the second category, appears Vista transformation pack. As it is not difficult to surmise on the name, its basic task is the modification of shell Windows to the style of the new operating system vista, which unfortunately dont  have mass use due to the absence of this last in official sale, or the program support from the side of producers of hardware guarantee (drivers).

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Vista transformation pack 6.0

vista transformation pack 6.0

Categories: tools   ||   event logs explorer 2.1 beta


Appeared the following beta version of the small and free utility event  logs Explorer. It is intended for monitoring and subsequent analysis of events, recorded in the operating systems of family Windows NT (NT/2000/XP/2003). It is called to enlarge the functionality of the built-in component Of event viewer from OS and to add new possibilities. There are support to many functions : archive of old event, advanced system filtration on different criteria and text search, and also extended functions of press and export in different sizes (HTML, TXT or Excel).

In this release:

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Event logs Explorer 2.1 Beta

event logs explorer 2.1 beta

Categories: tools   ||   x -setup pro 9.0.031 beta


Appeared today the new version of the most powerful tweaker for the family operating systems Windows. X -Setup Pro contains more than 2000 tuning option, it is simple in use, it is equipped by special masters for simplification of process and applying different parameters. It is enlarged with the aid of modules, with which can tune Microsoft office, Adobe acrobat, Internet explorer, Firefox, etc .

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X -Setup Pro 9.0.031 Beta

x -setup pro 9.0.031 beta

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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