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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   rocketdock 1.3.1 beta 1


Began the work on the following version of program- analog to objectDock and MobyDock. RocketDock is small panel for simultaneous adornment of system and increase in the convenience in the work with the most frequently caused applications and folders. It is made in the style of analogous element from operating system macOS, it is only intended for the work in the systems of family Windows.

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RocketDock 1.3.1 Beta 1

rocketdock 1.3.1 beta 1

Categories: tools   ||   phpmyadmin


That developers of the cross pltform server PHP- complex for remote control of data bases phpMyAdmin somewhat hurried with the release of final release of program under number 10. This web- interface for the work with BD Of mySQL versions 4.x and 5.x. is written in the language PHP, which allow possible to use it practically on any server. Support creation and removal of data bases, editing tables , fulfillment SQL of commands and demands. Interface is transferred in more than 50 languages

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Categories: tools   ||   winsnap 2.0.3


Today was released the new version of small utility from company NTWind software. WinSnap is sufficiently powerful for capture and workings photographs of the screen. It makes possible simply to take the images of any window of any form with background on the selection of user, automatically performs simple operations on transformation and improvement in the color, and also are superimposed smooth shadows in the style Of photoshop. Support several basic sizes for retention. Unfortunately, from the version 2x program passed to the commercial .

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WinSnap 2.0.3

winsnap 2.0.3

Categories: tools   ||   autohotkey


After small interruption was updated the version of program autoHotkey. This is a compact utility, intended for tuning keyboard, joystick and mouse, and also the designation of hot keys. With its aid it is possible to automate almost any processes via the pressure in all several keys or mouse click, ....

Problems with the work of some expressions are at this time was corrected, working specific variables is corrected, and other minor errors are also removed.

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Categories: tools   ||   openoffice.org for windows 2.2.0 rc3


Appeared the new intermediate version of the open office packet openOffice.org under number 2.2. It pretends to be the almost valuable replacement for microsoft office. In their composition contains all necessary components, such as text processor, electronic tables,....

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OpenOffice.org for Windows 2.2.0 RC3

openoffice.org for windows 2.2.0 rc3

Categories: tools   ||   true launch bar 4.1.5 rc


Continues the testing of the small utility true launch bar. It is intended for replacing the standard panel of the rapid starting of programs in the operating systems family Windows. It enlarges its functionality with the aid of  modules (weather, control players, monitoring and much moew). The complete list of new possibilities and changes is accessible on the site of program.  

In this release:

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True launch bar 4.1.5 RC

true launch bar 4.1.5 rc

Categories: tools   ||   aston 1.9.4 beta 1


Appeared the new beta version Of aston. Program is the manager of working environment, the alternative to the standard interface Windows explorer. Working desktop is completely substitutes by itself and the set of the new and interesting functions is added: likable exterior view, the easily tuned interface, the support of skins for all elements, the fine adjustment of each object on the desktop, the panel of any content. Support work with additional modules, controle with the aid of hot keys and  much more.

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Aston 1.9.4 Beta 1

aston 1.9.4 beta 1

Categories: tools   ||   vmware server 1.0.2 build 39867


The company vMware released the updated version of its free solution for program virtualization. Orientation in this pack is actually analogous to many others; however, it has extended possibilities for the scaling and organizations of multi-user work, and also interaction between virtual machines. There is a complete support practically for entire contemporary spectrum of equipment, which simplifies work by complex.

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VMware server 1.0.2 Build 39867

vmware server 1.0.2 build 39867

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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