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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   system information viewer 3.18


Free software, which gives user sufficiently much most varied information about the operating system and the apparatus guarantee of a computer, including about the processor, devices PCI and USB, sensors, network, etc.

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System Information Viewer 3.18

system information viewer 3.18

Categories: tools   ||   advanced registry doctor pro 8


Program which help to force your computer working more rapidly. The productivity of the work of your system considerably lower different files, folders and keys of list from the incompletely remote programs. Utility Advanced Registry Doctor produce the complete scanning of the critical regions of your computer and forms report on the sums of work. You need only apply, and you will be pleased by the stable work of your operating system. Basic possibilities of program Advanced Registry Doctor:
- a notable increase in the speed of the operation of computer;
- qualitative check of the operational stability of system;
- the removal of unnecessary keys and records from the system list;
- the creation of the reserve copy of list and its restoration;
- thorough defragment list;
- a number of other useful functions...

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Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 8

advanced registry doctor pro 8

Categories: tools   ||   cool reader 2.00.55 build 5466


If your eyes are tired from reading in MS Word, Notepad, FAR. Use convenient program to read electronic books Cool Reader. This is simply irreplaceable tool for those, who appreciate the large volume of text from the screen. Possibilities of program for reading of the electronic books Cool Reader:
- pereformation of text under any size and type,
- the smoothing (antialiasing) of screen types,
- the completely tuned palette,
- the textured background,
- smooth skrolling,
- a significant reduction in the load on the sight,
- program is optimized for reading of artistic literature. Cool Reader Is compatible with the majority of the books, loaded from the sites of electronic libraries. Program will identify the boundary of paragraph, titles, quotation with the use of elements AI, it supports unpacking the books from archives ZIP, RAR, ARJ, HA, LZH. Cool Reader With the ease read sizes html, rtf, doc (MS Word), txt, fb2 (FictionBook). Automatically will identify the codings dos, win, koi-8, and also latin, utf-8 and unicode. The conveniently realize for program function of reading aloud with the use of cursors MS SAPI 4.0 and 5.1 allows listening the book, being occupied by other matters and not at all straining eyes. Also you can preserve audibook in size MP3 for the hearing on MP3 to player.

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Cool Reader 2.00.55 build 5466

cool reader 2.00.55 build 5466

Categories: tools   ||   timeleft 3.25


Convenient program- assistant, that combines in itself the functions of clocks, alarm clock, reminder about the outstanding events and of stopwatch with the reverse counting.
Possibilities of program TimeLeft:
- each function of program for your convenience wake is located in the separate window;
- program regularly and without errors resembles to you about the assigning events;
- the reflection of time for different temporary zones;
- you can "fastened" reminding about the outstanding event on the working table.

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TimeLeft 3.25

timeleft 3.25

Categories: tools   ||   memo sclad 4x4


Program for the automation of the process of trade in the packed up piece goods from several storages and guaranteeing the calculation of the delivery (conveying) of goods to clients. With the aid of Memo Sclad 4x4 accessible the following operations:
- the support of work with the national currencies ;
- the preparation of operational documents for conducting the commodity turnover;
- conducting the separate reference books of contractors on the commercial storages;
- conducting an arbitrary quantity of commercial storages;
- conducting routes and diagrams of the delivery of goods;
- work with the remote storages in OFF- Lina (load of sales);
- worke with the mobile commercial representatives;
- the calculation of the consignment diagrams of the realization of goods;
- conducting the reference book of goods and the calculation of remainders, commodity reports;
- conducting certificates and periods of fitness in goods;
- conducting separate calculation (fact and documents);
- the retention of the prices of purchase and realization on each day;
- price formation according to method FIFO and last arrival;
- the installation of prices of the goods according to the general and individual formulas;
- the preparation of diverse price lists and Price - sheets;
- conducting the archives of documents according to the contractors;
- the fulfillment of demands to the search for any documents;
- the preparation of lists, periodicals and books of calculation;
- conducting contre accounts with the contractors;
- calculation and the analysis of the motion of goods and materials;
- the calculation of price increase and profitability of realization;
- conducting documents on the debts;
- checking the correctness of the bank properties of contractors; Program Memo Sclad 4x4 is simple for the introduction, uses the original interface of control of lists by one collection of buttons and floating up menu.

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Memo Sclad 4x4

memo sclad 4x4

Categories: tools   ||   novapdf pro 4.2 build 193


Program for creating documents in size PDF. is characterized by very convenient and simple interface. After installation novaPDF creates the certain virtual printer, after selecting which possible created PDF documents from any office application or the Web browser - it sufficiently only select he commanded "press".

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novaPDF Pro 4.2 build 193

novapdf pro 4.2 build 193

Categories: tools   ||   xp smoker v.5.2


Is ready the new version of utility XP Smoker, which is intended for tuning of the operating system Windows xp, and also working in it applications to the maximum speed. XP Smoker allows to remove the internal built-in limitations, it decrease the load time of applications and OS, increases stability and safety of work in the network. There is, of course, and its minuses - program requires installation .Pro version of utility allows to change the large number of tuning Windows.

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XP Smoker v.5.2

xp smoker v.5.2

Categories: tools   ||   file backup watcher v.2.8.0


New release of the utility File Backup Watcher, intended for the reserve copying of files and catalogs in the local machine and in the network both with their subsequent archive storage and without it. In the program there are the master of the creation of profiles and tuning ZIP-archive, a planner of tasks and a system of filters. Redundancy can achieve on one of three methods (Full, Icremental and Update) on floppy/ZIP diskettes, hard disk and Cd -rw. In the new version the changes in the design of the interface of program are produced, is added possibility to make reserve copies to restore user tuning and data of the following programs: ICQ5 Lite; Microsoft Office Outlook 2003; Mozilla FireFox Profiles; Mozilla Thunderbird.

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File Backup Watcher v.2.8.0

file backup watcher v.2.8.0

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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