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computer hardware

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Categories: tools   ||   d3dgear 1.90


Today was released the new version of small utility by name d3DGear. Is means for measuring the frequency of frame and mapping of this index on the screen in game and other 3d- applications (DirectX/openGL compatible) in the medium of operating systems Windows. It is formally the analog of another, not less known utility, Fraps. Furthermore, it can capture separate screen shots and write video. It preserves files into the popular graphic format, and the recorded trailer can be read  by practically any video player.

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D3DGear 1.90

d3dgear 1.90

Categories: tools   ||   dosbox 0.70


Almost entire year was necessary to the developers of emulator dOSBox for the release of the new version of its open product, which, until now enjoys big enough popularity first of all because of launch opportunity of old applications, and also games. the valuable emulator of operating system DOS, which uses libraries SDL. There exists in versions for Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X and other OS. DOSBox emulates the processors i286/386 in real/secure regimes, file system with directories/XMS/EMS, the graphic adapters tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA, card soundBlaster/gravis ultra sound for the conclusion of sound old applications.

In this version these changes are declared:

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DOSBox 0.70

dosbox 0.70

Categories: tools   ||   nlite 1.3


The promised fast release of the final version of utility nLite clearly was detained, I will recall that at the onset last version, the author promised to present the total version through several weeks; however, testing and fixing for the indeterminate reasons were tightened for more than two months.  literally yesterday it was seemed new release under number 1.3 which automatically indicates a maximally correct work of program. It is intended for adjusting distribution Windows family 2000/XP/2003/x64 actually from zero, it allow to integrate necessary updates, drivers, to cut out separate components, to integrate some programs, to use the advanced option and to automate every installation process  . It creates and writes start up disk, from which it is possible to install a completely disposed under its needs operating system. Interface is transferred into the set of languages.

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nLite 1.3

nlite 1.3

Categories: tools   ||   ccleaner 1.38.485


As usually with the interruption the new version of small utility cCleaner. It is intended for complex removal of accumulated rubbish from operating system . The unnecessary files, which remain after work with different kind programs, cleans recycle bin and it follows for security the works in the network Internet (it remove cache, cookies, history, data automatic filling and other), freeing in this case some place on the disk. it present the built-in module for scanning and checking the registry , it reveals incorrect or obsolete keys, and it attempts to correct them or to remove them .  

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CCleaner 1.38.485

ccleaner 1.38.485

Categories: tools   ||   itunes 7.1.0 build 59


The company apple released the updated versions of its products quickTime and iTunes.

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iTunes 7.1.0 Build 59

itunes 7.1.0 build 59

Categories: tools   ||   nero cd -dvd speed


After small interruption was updated the development of powerful utility nero CD -DVd speed. Program is extended free of charge, on the pluralism also it enters also in its composition we have the popular pack nero, its basic purpose - this testing of speed combination optical disk , and also for fulfilling different diagnostic and auxiliary functions. Program allow to verify a set of different parameters, among them: the speed of data reading  from disk , to set the rotation speed and access type to the disk (CLV, CAV, P -CAv, Z -CLv)....

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Nero CD -DVd speed

nero cd -dvd speed

Categories: tools   ||   snagit 8.2.2


The company techSmith released new version of one of its products by name snagIT. This application for capture of image and record video in the medium of operating systems family Windows. It makes possible to make the photographs of screen  windows of any applications, including those, by which is required the automatic warming up. It is equipped by the powerful editor, who will make possible not only to preserve image in the desired format, but also to conduct operations on a change in the sizes, cutting objects, or applying effects from the accessible collection. ....

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SnagIT 8.2.2

snagit 8.2.2

Categories: tools   ||   anydvd


Today was released the new version of useful practically for each user utility anyDVD. Program is program layer for the work with DVD- disks. It works according to the same principle, that also used in DVD region+CSS free, removes CSS- protection and deprives the disk of tying to the specific region; however, now is present support for the new HD- drives, and, correspondingly, support for removing the protection. All operations are conducted in flight

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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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