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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||    central brain identifier


Small application for the owners of computers on the base of processors AMD. Central Brain Identifier Will identify more than 50 models of processors, is determined nominal frequency, the date of creation, the revision of nucleus, XP-Rating and much more. With the use of the special connected module AdminControl to users is accessible the remote identification of processors.

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 Central Brain Identifier

central brain identifier

Categories: tools   ||   pccboost


Outstanding utility for an increase in the productivity of your computer, by distributing the priorities of central processor depending on it saw the using appendix (program, game). PccBoost frees the resources of computer for the neglected application, thus increasing the productivity of system.

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Categories: tools   ||   pixfiler 5.0.4


This program will help you to order your graphic files and to organize the convenient data base for them. You will be able to create thematic catalog, to decompose pictures on the categories, and in this case all images will remain in their initial files. For facilitating the search on the pictures to each it is possible to supplement commentaries. Also PixFiler makes  possible to print out photographs, to publish them in the Internet (program itself creates HTML- pages) or to write them to the disks. In this version of program some errors are corrected.

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PixFiler 5.0.4

pixfiler 5.0.4

Categories: tools   ||   anti tracks 6.9.14


Today was Updated the program for the removal of all traces of work from the computer. By only one  mouse click anti  tracks removes all traces of the Internet surfing, files Of history and others data. Anti  tracks support  browsers  internet explorer, AOL, Netscape, Firefox and Opera. There is the possibility to also supplement the fundamental possibilities of program with the help of the connected modules, which supplement the support of  programs such acrobat  reader, WinZip, PowerDVD, iMesh, Winamp, etc in all such plugin are approximately hundred pieces. In this version is improved the work with Firefox.

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Anti tracks 6.9.14

anti tracks 6.9.14

Categories: tools   ||   photozoom pro 2.1.6


The program  photoZoom will prove useful when it is necessary to increase the dimensions of initial photograph. This can be useful, for example, with the preparation of  images, found in the Internet or obtained with the help of cell phone, for later printing. User can bring in immediately several files and even files into the program (including those imbedded), and to apply the selected parameters of size change  all pictures simultaneously.

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PhotoZoom pro 2.1.6

photozoom pro 2.1.6

Categories: tools   ||   premium clock 2.40


just released the new version of  program  premium clock, which was intended to show a premium clock in windows desktop. Program gives the possibility to supplement to it hours, calendar, wall-papers and much more. User can change the skin of the program, and the exterior view of all component of the current desktop . Program has a set of  adjusted parameters, for example, it is possible to do so that the hours constantly would be located above all windows or would vanish when the cursor is abrove them  . Premium clock also has the functions of alarm clock and reminder, play back in the indicated time  a files WAV, or just launch application . One additional useful possibility of the program in the automatic syncronisation of system time with the servers of exact time in the Internet.

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Premium clock 2.40

premium clock 2.40

Categories: tools   ||   powerarchiver 2006 9.64 beta 1


Just begun the testing of new version general-purpose archiver  power archiver 2006. It combines the possibilities of similar products and the support of several popular formats  . Pack in ZIP, and also in CAB, LHA, BH, TAR and 7Z with  high compression ratio. Extracts files from ZIP, " ZIP, CAB, LHA (LZH), TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, BH, XXE, UUE, ENC, MIME, RAR, ARJ, ARC, ACE and ZOO. There is a support also for  formats of the patterns disks: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG. It can extract contents from archives with the help of the algorithms AES (128-bit/192-bit/of 256-bit). Interface can change be changed also using diffrent themes. Program  is integrated into the system environment, and precisely into the contextual menu Windows  explorer , and as other archiver, it intercepts the associations of supported files formats. It has functions for the automatic archive spare , it can create SFX- archives, profiles for  compression and much more.

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PowerArchiver 2006 9.64 Beta 1

powerarchiver 2006 9.64 beta 1

Categories: tools   ||   phpmyadmin 2.9.1


Was Updated the version of server PHP- complex for separated control of the data bases phpMyAdmin. This last Is web- interface for the work with BD  mySQL from  versions  4.x and 5.x. it is written in the  PHP language, which makes  possible to use it practically on any server. Creation and removal of the data bases is maintained, the editing of tables , execution SQL of instructions and queries. Interface is translated into more than 50 languages.

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phpMyAdmin 2.9.1

phpmyadmin 2.9.1

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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Recover My Files 3.98.5178 (2976)

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SmartFTP 2.0.999.1 (18848391)

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Message Boards Browser 2.0 (20657)

Nokia PC Suite 6.82.21 (15713)

Shaiya (15291)

Recover My Files 3.98.5178 (14536)

Small Cd -Writer 1.4 (12119)

99 Bottles of Beer Screensaver HTA Edition 1.00 (12108)

Microsoft virtual PC 2007 6.0.156 (11677)

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