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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: tools   ||   clockgen


After small interruption, the author of known programs as CPU- Z and PC Wizard (Franck delattre) released the new version of another by name clockGen. It is widely known in numbers of overclocker, it is intended for overclock of processors directly in the medium of operating systems Windows. It makes possible to controle the system bus (FSB or HTT), and in some cases and to separately regulate the frequencies of system bus PCI and PCI-Express. In several windows is accessible the current information about the frequencies of processor, memory and other (PCI- Of express, PCI, AGP). For the cases, when the generator of frequencies (PLL) is not determined automatically, utility allows the version of its manual selection and the method of changing the registers of dump IC (operation it is unsafe).

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Categories: tools   ||   filemenu tools 5.1


Today the integration in the contextual menu Windows explorer became very advanced . Practically any programs, beginning from small utilities and concluding by complex pack, their elements are added in it. However, they all fulfill the strictly defined functions depending on the entrusted tasks. Against this background the program fileMenu tools appears simply after all treasure. Despite the relatively small size distribution, it makes  possible to do with the files everything that conveniently, is natural everything through the same contextual menu.

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FileMenu tools 5.1

filemenu tools 5.1

Categories: tools   ||   qemu 0.9.0 for windows


Today was released the new version of the emulator QEMU. This is free product with the open initial codes, support work on systems, architectures x86, PowerPC, Sparc32, ARM, Alpha and S390. Emulation is conducted at the level of user or entire system, is used the dynamic translation of code for accelerating work.

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QEMU 0.9.0 for Windows

qemu 0.9.0 for windows

Categories: tools   ||   paint shop pro xi 11.11


The company corel,  which has Paint shop pro, released update for its editor. Program is complex for the work with graphic , on its possibilities it attempts to complete with Adobe photoshop. There is a set of different tools for treating the graphic files, the automated means for batch processing, scanning and much of what other be present.

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Paint shop pro XI 11.11

paint shop pro xi 11.11

Categories: tools   ||   total commander 7.0 public beta 4


Slowly, but beta following version of one of the best file managers for Windows correctly continues.  Total commander support work with long names, as it is placed to all solid managers for Windows, contains built-in FTP client (with the possibility of work through proxy- servers of different types, including safe), it makes possible to excute different operations above files, beginning from the simple copying, and concluding by archiving. It is integrated with any archiver due to the built-in support or use contextual menu explorer. With entire variety of possibilities installer occupy less than two megas-byte, functionality and low system requirements .

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Total commander 7.0 Public beta 4

total commander 7.0 public beta 4

Categories: tools   ||   klipfolio 4.0 build 5896


Today was released the final release of utility under name klipFolio. This is small news client with the sufficiently great possibilities. In contrast to the classical programs for reading RSS-  is used its own size of channels, which tracks directly changes on pages themselves from the diverse Internet- sources. It can be used for monitoring of what conveniently: weather, the rates of change, mail, news, RSS and auctions.

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KlipFolio 4.0 Build 5896

klipfolio 4.0 build 5896

Categories: tools   ||   foxit reader 2.0 build 1414


Sequential time was updated the version of program foxit reader. This is the small utility, intended for the survey of PDF- files with the functions of print and the improbably small size distribution, grow prettier speed work and by the sufficiently rich set of functions. It works in the medium of operating systems family Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and compatible with standard PDF version 1.6. The release of second version presents the set of new functions, among them the interactive filler of forms, multilingual interface, the simple download of additions...

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Foxit reader 2.0 Build 1414

foxit reader 2.0 build 1414

Categories: tools   ||   vmware server 1.0.1 build 29996


The second event organized the company vMware, one of the quite important players on the market for visualization. Practically during one day from Virtual PC appeared the new version Of vMware server. Orientation in this packet is actually analogous previous; however, it has extended possibilities for scaling and organizations of multi-user work, and also interaction between virtual machines. There is a complete support practically for entire contemporary spectrum of equipment, which simplifies work by complex.

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VMware server 1.0.1 Build 29996

vmware server 1.0.1 build 29996

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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