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Categories: video-audio   ||   streamripper 1.62 b3


Today Appeared the new beta version Of streamripper. Program is intended for the record of music from flow Internet radio stations and channels. Support work with MP3, it divides flows in files, it understands and writes in them tags iD3v2. There exists in several versions: cantilever (for Windows and * nix) and in form module for Winamp. The first version is not very friendly, especially for Windows users . For the work with it command line and knowledge of all command- parameters  will be required. The second version that more being suitable, since player winamp is, perhaps, one of the popular among the solutions for the sound reproduction. This module support change skins. It is accessible in several versions: for Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, BeOS and OS/2.

In this release:

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Streamripper 1.62 b3

streamripper 1.62 b3

Categories: video-audio   ||   xp codec pack


Following the mass update with codecs K -Lite, began to pull the smaller solutions, like XP codec pack. In the delivery set contains the basic decoders (FFDShow, GPL of MPEG-1/2 decoder) for the reproduction of compatible video format MPEG 1/2 and 4. After sound part answer AC3Filter, CoreAAC and CoreFLAC. There is a collection of filters for playback .

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XP codec pack

xp codec pack

Categories: video-audio   ||   ac3filter 1.30b


Today Appeared the new beta version of popular DirectShow- filter aC3Filter. intended for decoding audio paths of video files in regime real time. It works with a large quantity of audio sizes AC3/DTS/MPEG in the diverse variants, and also the multichannel tracks and digital SPDIF release. The complete enumeration of possibilities is accessible on the official site.

In this release:

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AC3Filter 1.30b

ac3filter 1.30b

Categories: video-audio   ||   bs.player 2.16.945


Continues slowly, but correctly the update of player by name bS.Player. It is intended for work in operating systems Windows. Support in practice all format, since for decoding are adapted decoders directShow installed in the system. Furthermore, it supported work with the play list (its own format BST import from M3U), additional loading of external subtitles, seizure of separate personnel video. Interface uses change skins and makes possible to tune the exterior view (including sizes).

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BS.Player 2.16.945

bs.player 2.16.945

Categories: video-audio   ||   mediacoder 0.6.0 pre9 alpha


Today Appeared the new version of the integrated pack mediaCoder. Program is universal trans-coder for work with audio and video files, extended on license GPL. Has the extensive support of format and a set of possibilities, among which  working with sound and interaction with external applications, installed in the system. In the complete set is present the large number of additional modules of conversion of multimedia contenta for cell phones . Version 0.5.1 acquired the new interface

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MediaCoder 0.6.0 pre9 alpha

mediacoder 0.6.0 pre9 alpha

Categories: video-audio   ||   gx transcoder


Developers of pack GX::Transcoder also do not lag,. Program is universal trans-coder for treating audio- files. There is also additional components, in particular Cue-Cutter, intended for thread files, converter WAV and MP3 in sound effects, built-in player, and also sound recording module from external sources. The record of audio and editing of tags from different size is supported: ID3v1, ID3v2, APE 2.0, OGG comment, Flac comment and WMA.

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GX Transcoder

gx transcoder

Categories: video-audio   ||   easy cd -da extractor 10.0.6


After small interruption was updated the release of new versions for probably one of the most universal packs for numbering/recording audio CD and conversion of audio- files easy CD -Da extractor. Program found the large popularity precisely because of its integration, which allow to pass entire process of creating the musical disk of any size practically from zero. Support work with the majority of known format: MP1, MP2, MP3, Windows media audio 8, Windows media audio 9, Windows media audio 9.1, MP4, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Shorten, CUE and M3U. It consists of four subprograms: module for creating Audio CD, converter of audio files, Cd -grabber and components for record MP3/WMA CD. Contains the built-in record player with editor of tags versions ID3 and ID3V2. ....

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Easy CD -Da extractor 10.0.6

easy cd -da extractor 10.0.6

Categories: video-audio   ||   vista codec package 4.3.2


Today was released the new versions of codecs collection by name vista codec package. Those codec are integrated pack with codecs and decoders for the playback of basic video and audio format.

In this release:

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Vista codec package 4.3.2

vista codec package 4.3.2

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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