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computer hardware

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Categories: video-audio   ||   gom player beta


Continues the development of software by name GOM player. It is incomprehensible, why the authors decided to name its program thus, they clearly aimed at the subjugation of English-language segment network. The player combines in itself the support of the majority popular sizes, a pleasant and very convenient user interface, and also enormous quantity of possible functions . The sizes of the present supported decoders format, is sufficiently great: AC3, OGG, XVID, DIV1, DIV2, DIV3, DIV4, DIV5, DIV6, DIVX, DX50, MP41, MP42, MP43, H263, AP41, MPG4, MP4S, M4S2, MP4V, BLZ0, MJPG, RMP4, DXGM and H.264. However, for the reproduction DVD and MPEG-2 files will be required as an external decoder.

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GOM player Beta

gom player beta

Categories: video-audio   ||   mediacoder 0.5.1-r3 full edition


MediaCoder is Program universal trans-coder for the work with audio and video files, extended on the license GPL. Has the extensive support of sizes and the set of possibilities, among which are working with sound and interaction with the external applications installed in the system. In the complete set there is a large number of additional modules of the conversion of multimedia content for cell phones or prefixes. Version 0.5.1 acquired the new interface with the possibility of localization and support of many modules.

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MediaCoder 0.5.1-r3 full edition

mediacoder 0.5.1-r3 full edition

Categories: video-audio   ||   cccp combined community codec pack


Today is released the new version of packet codecs by name CCCP.  Combined community Of codec pack, which approximately is transferred as the combined codec- pack from the association. Is intended for the playback of compatible MPEG-4 (DivX, XviD), and also MPEG-2, including the possibility to playback DVD. Into complete set enter the record players Of media player classic and the standard version Of zoomPlayer.

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cccp Combined community codec pack

cccp combined community codec pack

Categories: video-audio   ||   autogk 2.40


With the new year, the author of the popular packet autoGK decided to gladden his constant users and to release the final version of its product. But, unfortunately, there is nothing new in this release, it contains all changes in the previous test assemblings, and also last version of codec xviD. Program is intended for reencoding DVD and separate video files (both on one and package) into size MPEG-4, or more precisely xviD or DivX. As the source, besides DVD or MPEG-2, can come out AS AVI/DV- files, and also the transport flow, recorded. program can work with AC3, DTS, MPA, MP3 CBR/VBR. It can also work with video size HDTV (by resolution of 1920x and with frequency to 60 mhz) . It makes possible to connect the subtitles in the form external files or build it.

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AutoGK 2.40

autogk 2.40

Categories: video-audio   ||   reaper 1.50


Just released the new version of multichannel audio/video- editor Reaper support work with the majority of popular sizes, are use contemporary technologies, such as ASIO, Kernel streaming, WaveOut and DirectSound (reproduction and record), it can work with files in sizes WAV, OGG and MP3 (it writes in size WAV).it Makes possible to controle the sound level, work with multilevel recoil/alliteration actions . In installer enters the collection of effects and demonstration project. In last version was added the possibility to work with video editing , and also record CDs.

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Reaper 1.50

reaper 1.50

Categories: video-audio   ||   archivid 1.1.04


ArchiVid- program for conducting the base of data of films. Each record contain the following fields: number, name, original name, genre, yr, estimation, size, quality, date, time, the resolution of image, video codec, audio codec. By each of the records is assigned a text description and any quantity of images in (JPG, BMP), with the possibility of their overcompression. availability of search, sorting, auto-filling of information about the added films (video/audio codec, the size of file, the size of image, etc.).The exterior view of program possible dispose under its taste, because of the large number of tuning. Program ArchiVid does not require any drivers of the data bases. ArchiVid has this function as "auto-filling of base". Sufficiently indicate directory or disk with the films and program most be filled information about the films: number, name, original name, the size of file, duration, the resolution of the picture of video, video codec, audio codec, the date of addition.

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ArchiVid 1.1.04

archivid 1.1.04

Categories: video-audio   ||   anydvd beta


Useful utility for removing the protection from any DVD- discs. Product automatically will identify the type of protection and is gone around it. Program allows to copy discs with any regional code and produce decoding CSS "in flight", without the retention of data on the hard disk. AnyDVD works with any Dvd- rum by drives, independent of the established regional code.

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AnyDVD beta

anydvd beta

Categories: video-audio   ||   aoa dvd copy


Program for creating the copies any DVD discs. Interface AoA DVD COPY is so simple that to you it sufficiently harvested only to one button and copy your DVD disc wakes preserved to the hard disk or DVD+.R/RW discs. Which wakes to you accessibly with the work with AoA DVD COPY:

  • - create the precise copy of single-layer DVD, moreover with the retention of all audio tracks, menu, etc.
  • - copy two-layered disc(.DVD9) to the single-layer disc, after removing unnecessary musical tracks and menu
  • - break contents of one two-layered disc into two single-layer DVD discs
  • - you will preserve copy any DVD disk to the hard disc.

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aoa dvd copy

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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