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computer hardware

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computer hardware

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Categories: video-audio   ||   vista codec package 4.2.7


Today was released the new version Of vista codec pack, one additional pack with codecs and decoders for the playback of basic video and audio format. It is intended both for the usual installation and integration in the distribution of  operating systems Windows 2000/XP/2003. Is accessible two versions for different architectures  x86 and x64 of the operating systems of family Windows, including Vista.

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Vista codec package 4.2.7

vista codec package 4.2.7

Categories: video-audio   ||   ffdshow mpeg-4 video decoder (rev. 927)


Today was released the new alternative version Of directShow  filter/codec fFDShow. It is intended for the decoding of compatible with MPEG-4 files (coded by codecs DivX, XviD, H.264 and other), and also some old in format MPEG-1. Is used the component of libavcodec from open-source of project ffmpeg.

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FFDShow MPEG-4 video decoder (Rev. 927)

ffdshow mpeg-4 video decoder (rev. 927)

Categories: video-audio   ||   bs.player 2.15.943


Appeared one additional version of  free and technologically effective player by name bS.Player. It is intended for the work in the medium of operating systems Windows. Support in practice all format, since for the decoding it adapt the decoders directShow installed in the system. Furthermore, it support work with play list o (its own format BST import from M3U). Interface uses skins change and makes possible to tune the exterior view (including format). Beginning from version 2.0 program acquired new component,

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BS.Player 2.15.943

bs.player 2.15.943

Categories: video-audio   ||   mp3tag 2.37e


Continues beta testing the following version of small utility for editing ID 3- TEG and commentaries in audio files mp3tag. Works almost with all popular audio format, support  function data import and export , and also the creation of play lists. It searches for files in the local base on hard disk and works with the server freedb for the automatic renaming CD tracks. The interface of program is transferred into the set of languages.

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Mp3tag 2.37e

mp3tag 2.37e

Categories: video-audio   ||   k -lite codec pack 64-bit add-on 0.2.0


The authors of packs series with codecs family K -Lite released special addition for last versions of their products, which were intended for guaranteeing the support of playback of diverse format both for video and audio files. Given addition to called ensure the necessary support of the operating systems of architecture x64, contains filters compatible with similar OS.

Download is possible from server betanews:

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K -Lite codec pack 64-bit add-on 0.2.0

k -lite codec pack 64-bit add-on 0.2.0

Categories: video-audio   ||   anydvd beta


Today was renewed the release of beta versions of utility anyDVD. Program is program layer for the work with the DVD- disks. It works according to the analogous principle, that also DVD Of region+CSS Of free, removes CSS- protection and deprives the disk of tying to the specific region. All operations are conducted in flight, no preparatory actions to carry out it is necessary.

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AnyDVD Beta

anydvd beta

Categories: video-audio   ||   imgburn


The author of popular pack DVD decrypter continues to improve another product by name imgBurn. Program is positioned as utility for the work with optical disk; however, its possibilities are considerably wider than it seems at first glance. It can write the majority of the types  CD/DVD, support last model of  burner. It makes possible to controle the parameters of booktype/bitsetting on the devices from the basic producers: BenQ, LiteOn, NEC, Plextor, Sony, is also accessible to the function of cleaning and formatting disk. But these are faster overall possibilities, so besides entire enumerated above, into ImgBurn is possible to conduct the data verification on disk, to analyze the quality of burning and to obtain different kind of information about the disk and about its physical structure.

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Categories: video-audio   ||   quintessential media player 5.0 build 115


After prolonged interruption, was updated the beta version of the integrated media player quintessential media player (QCD). Besides the standard possibilities, such as the playback of the files with different format, it makes possible to excute the numbering of audio disks and MP 3- coding, it has the beautiful and nonstandard interface, which supports of skins change , it is enlarged with the aid of  additional modules. Like Winamp, it consists on three basic components: main window, the list of reproduction and equalizer.

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Quintessential media player 5.0 Build 115

quintessential media player 5.0 build 115

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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