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Company ESET, well-known player on the market for antivirus, presented the new version of their packet by the name OF NOD32. Program is the integrated complex, intended for the  reliable protection against computer viruses, worms, Trojan of horses, spayware and harmful software.

Protection is ensured by the well optimized antivirus slide, which is standardized and it makes  possible to determine any forms of dangerous code. it use technology Of threatSense for the determination of harmful objects. there is also a proactive method, which in the mode of real time tracks potentially dangerous situations. NOD32 is capable to determine and to block more than 90% of unknown destructive code (without the need for database update).

Program consists of several modules, each of which is intended for a specifique missions:

  • Antivirus mONitor (AMON):
    • the basis components, works in the mode real time and scans all files, and even those, which are launched
  • NOD32:
    • single scanner, can be launched in the manual mode for the specific sections to scan files on the hard disk, the utilization of the shudle is possible
  • Internet mONitor (IMON):
    • the resident scanner, which works at the level Of winsock for the warning of downloading dangerous files or pages from the network, scans entire traffic of browser on the protocol FTP and mail  protocol POP3
  • E-mail MONitor (EMON):
    • auxiliary module for checking the email work in interface MAPI (for the email clients, for example, the bat!, Microsoft outlook or Microsoft exchange)
  • Document mONitor (DMON):
    • module for checking the documents Of microsoft office, and also external pages of Internet  explorer

In contrast to the majority of other products it gives very weak system load, actually its presences is not perceived, up to the appearance of warnings certainly. The fundamental mechanisms of components are written on assembler, that also ensures high level performance and operating speeds. The consumption of operational memory is about 20 MB, that sufficiently small for today computer. Daily updates occupy from 20 to 50 KB. All basic operations do not require the interference of user, to the moment of applying the specific operations to the obtained suspicious object. .

Version 2.70 presents the following possibilities:

  • support the new version of operating system microsoft Windows vista in the diverse variants architectures  x86 and x64
  • expanded system determination and removal of rootkits (Anti-Stealth)
  • improved classification of spayware and advertising ON
  • improved mechanisms for the removal of the harmful objects

Today no one antivrus product is capable to ensure 100% of protection for the system from the viruses; however, indices NOD32 are located more than on the high level. According to the statistics version 2.51 made in 08.2006 ensured almost  99% of protection, after losing in the sum total to another antivirus KAV. The newest possible release will show even higher results.  NOD32 is best today according to the following indices: the operating speed, to the minimum utilization of traffic, and also to the low consumption of resources.

Download one of the demo versions is possible according to the following references:

  • NOD32 2.70.16 (11.4 MB, version standard, language: English, Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/x64, shareware)
  • NOD32 2.70.16 (10.6 MB, version of standard, language: English, Windows 95/98/ME, shareware)
  • NOD32 2.70.16 (3.8 MB, instruction, language: English, PDF).

NOD32 2.70.16

nod32 2.70.16

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 11400 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2006-11-25

Download Time:

Modem :56 kb/s

about 27.15 min


Cable    :64 kb/s
about 23.75 min
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Cable    :256 kb/s about 5.95 min
Cable    :512kb/s
about 2.9833333333333 min
Cable    :1mb/s
about 1.5 min


Lower than 1.5 second
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