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The FutureWare Personal PrescriptionTracker program not only monitors prescription usage, but also provides a convenient and central repository for maintaining information on contacts, doctors, pharmacies, and purchase histories. The monitoring is done for both medications prescribed by a doctor and non-prescription items such as vitamins and supplements. The program tracks prescriptions for up to six family members, each having their own set of prescriptions and histories, all of which can be printed in several reports. Usage is tracked according to a prescription's dosage type. For daily doses, the program calculates the number of doses used, and remaining, based on the total number of doses and the number of days that have elapsed since the prescription use was started, adjusted for any missed daily doses. For doses that are taken as-required and are not on a daily or periodic regimen, then the number of doses taken are entered directly. When the number of remaining doses is seven or less, then various indicators will draw attention to the need to refill the prescription, which can be done on-line on the internet if the prescription's pharmacy has a web address. When a prescription's refill has been obtained, either as a result of an on-line internet order, or a direct purchase, then the refill information can be entered. When the prescription's remaining dosage goes to zero then the refill information will automatically be picked up and the prescription will be refreshed.

FutureWare PrescriptionTracker

futureware prescriptiontracker

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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