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Did you ever thought of how much time is wasted while browsing through the millions of folders when you try to attach in Outlook a file that was saved with Photoshop?
This program will help you to handle the same documents with different programs.
QuickFolders adds its menus into the standard system menu of Open or Save File dialog. So, you will see a list of recently visited folders and opened or saved files and a list of favorite folders just right-clicking in any place of dialog's title bar or pressing ALT+SPACE keys.
QuickFolders also adds a special button into the Open and Save File Dialogs. Click this button to gain the access to QuickFolders' menus.
You can access this menu within both Standard Windows and MicrosoftR Office family Open and Save dialogs.
With QuickFolders you can create a list of the favotite folders that will be kept in the system menu and will be available in a one mouse click.
The history of recently visited folders and opened or saved files will be placed in the system menu too, so you will be able to open last visited folder or open a file in one click.
An ordinary Open File dialog turns into full-featured browser with the help of QuickFolders. You can use all power of IntelliMouse Explorer compatible mice in these dialogs: just click Back and Forward button of your mouse to browse visited folders. If you do not have IntelliMouseR Explorer compatible mouse, you can use keyboard shortcuts or use emulation of Back and Forward buttons with an ordinary ones.
QuickFolders will help you to customize Windows and Microsoft Office family Places bar.
QuickFolders will make Open and Save File dialogs transparent, so they will not consume screen space anymore. You will be able to see the contents of the file you are working with or what the program do when you are opening a file.
Turn those old boring Open and Save File dialogs into the power tool that helps, using lots of QuickFolders options!
Start saving your time with QuickFolders NOW!

QuickFolders 2.2

quickfolders 2.2

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 1067 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2003-11-20

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17 second
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