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Your PC keeps records of both your online and off-line activity. Any of the Web Pages, Movies, Pictures, Sounds, E-mail and Everything Else you have ever viewed could easily be recovered - even after many years passed! This is a serious threat to the legitimate user's privacy. Activity and Authentication Analyzer is a solution to this problem. AAAnalyzer is the powerful security software, which has been primarily destined to comprehensive search, analysis, and safe and secure deletion of the user activity traces left after work. The activity analysis and authentication or how it is called in brief statistics, as the method of information (intelligence data) collection is applied either for the preliminary exploring or when the access to information (posted message, telephone talk) is impossible or unwanted. As applied to the computer security topics the activity analysis and authentication is performed when it is impossible to get document copies, which user worked on, for example, stored either on ciphered or dismounted disk containers. Nevertheless, nothing is disappeared without any trace and it is possible, therefore, to disclose much useful data from the document; names, Internet addresses, which were visited, the application names which were launched or file names which were searched, last user's logon name. Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP has the system registry database, which is useful, for the first, to the very OS, but, for the second, for keeping many traces (evidences in other words) left by routine work and for either exploration, or for reconstruction of users activity. This software needs additionally only Internet Explorer version 4 and higher installed for proper work. Its built-in functionality allows to search the traces left in system registry, edit or fill with blanks values stored in registry keys related to the activity and authentication analysis, eradicate them in safe way, keep search log-files, and backup and restore made changes

Activity and Authentication Analyzer 1.63

activity and authentication analyzer 1.63

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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