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Amazing Waterfall - animated desktop wallpapers is the qualitatively new replacement of the well-known wallpapers, but in a difference with the simple beautiful images we offer you the real living world, full of sounds and of movement, where time goes, where the dawn replaces night and the sunset comes in place of the day - and all this beauty is on your desktop.
Have you ever been after a long and exhausting working day near Amazing Waterfall? All is surprising and special here. Sit down on an ancient stone that is all covered by the glue, look at this miracle of a nature - Amazing Waterfall among the untouched wood! This is unusual place, may be, you saw something similar? See, Amazing Waterfall sparkles with millions of drops, he winks at you, sings the song... Listen to the melody of the water. What does she sing? May be you’ve already heard this melody in your light dream…
The small water dust pleasantly cools a face. Peer into the images arising on a mirror of water - this is the small elves draw your dreams. Stop for a minute. Forget about vanity of the working day. Look in yourself. Remember about the Miracle of life.
This Amazing Waterfall keeps many secrets, but he is ready to tell. The wood inhabitants, that come to Amazing Waterfall, have the legend, that this water is mysterious: bend over the rippling water and you will see yourself as good and happy as you want it to. It is possible only here, you’ll see that Amazing Waterfall isn’t so ordinary, do not forget it!
Ah, how it is pleasant to have a rest, sitting on a stone, near to the log, looking how fascinating the water falls. Amazing Waterfall remains alive so long as your thoughts are pure and kind - protect it. And then the small bird will fly to you. She’ll sit on the log and will sing a song about Amazing Waterfall, which gives the Dream to the people. Make your dreams a reality; let your life be bright, colorful and magic.

AD Amazing Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper 2.0

ad amazing waterfall - animated wallpaper 2.0

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 2781 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2004-03-15

Download Time:

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