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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   avg plus firewall 7.5.446a965


The company grisoft sequential time released updated version of commercial distribution of antivirus pack with integrated internetwork screen AVG plus firewall. Program uses the advanced methods for determining viruses and their components, including heuristic analysis and testing integrity. The automatic update of antivirus bases through Internet makes possible to excute , conducts resident monitoring for guaranteeing a constant protection. The scanner of electronic mail, scanner of separate files and folders will make possible to verify the necessary objects. Control the components of pack is conducted through the united interface AVG control center. The built-in fire wall provides protection of personal data and guarantees safety via the blocking  the propagation of information without warning of user previously.

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AVG plus firewall 7.5.446a965

avg plus firewall 7.5.446a965

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   jetico personal firewall beta


Appeared the new beta version of the following version jetico personal firewall. This is small free personal fire wall. It makes possible to protect computer against the external intrusions and harmful  both in local network and Internet, via extended control of applications and their components. Has several security module, it possible to edit and to create new, and it also tracks the net activity of both applications and separate pack.

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Jetico personal firewall Beta

jetico personal firewall beta

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   nod32 2.70.32


Company ESET again updated the version of last version NOD32 under number 2.7. These are the integrated complex, intended for guaranteeing the protection against the computer viruses, worms, Trojan of horses, spayware and harmful software. Protection is ensured by the well optimized antivirus engine , which is standardized and makes possible to determine any forms of the dangerous code.

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NOD32 2.70.32

nod32 2.70.32

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   kaspersky anti-virus personal nct


After final release 6.0.2, the developers from company PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY the laboratory kasperskogo updated they work, but already on the following version for the entire rule their last program products. Kaspersky anti-Virus personal and Kaspersky internet security are intended for guaranteeing the complex the security of system, connecting work to network Internet and complete antivirus protection. Both products have similar and very friendly interface with the support of skins change . In more detail it is possible to read in the previous note.

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Kaspersky anti-Virus personal NCT

kaspersky anti-virus personal nct

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   comodo firewall pro


Today was Updated the stable version of free personal fire wall comodo firewall pro from company comodo. In spite of change program did not pass to the commercial side. It is intended for the protection of users PC under control OS Windows, on its possibilities practically it is not be inferior to analogous products. Interface is maximally simplified, but it at the same time allows all necessary possibilities and functions.

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Comodo firewall pro

comodo firewall pro

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   avg anti-virus free 7.5.441


Today was updated the version of antivirus pack AVG free edition from company grisoft. Is a somewhat reduced version of the commercial product AVG professional, but in this case functionality remained at sufficiently decent level. It is possible to note the automatic update of antivirus bases through Internet, the resident monitoring guarante a constant protection, the scanner of electronic mail, scanner of separate files/folders and much more.

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AVG anti-Virus free 7.5.441

avg anti-virus free 7.5.441

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   antivir personal edition 7


Today was Updated the sufficiently known and free antivirus pack antiVir personal edition. It is equipped with the resident monitor (Virus guard), planner task, module for the automatic update through Internet and with separate files scanner . Antivirus base contains more than 150 thousand records. Heuristic analyzer will help to be protected from the unknowns of macro viruses. As usually last update contains new antivirus signatures.

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AntiVir personal edition 7

antivir personal edition 7

Categories: antivirus-security   ||   nod32 2.70.31


Company ESET released the new version NOD32 under number 2.7. Program is the integrated complex, intended for guaranteeing the reliable protection against computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spayware and harmful software, and also rootkits . Protection is ensured by the well optimized antivirus engine , which is standardized and makes possible to determine any forms of dangerous code. it use the  technology threatSense for finding the harmful objects. There is also the proactive method, which in the regime real time tracks potentially dangerous situations. NOD32 is capable to determine and to block more than 90% unknown destructive code (without the need for base update ). It consists of several modules, each of which is intended for the definite missions.

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NOD32 2.70.31

nod32 2.70.31

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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