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ATI Company  now already in the person AMD officially gave start to the new drivers catalyst series 7. . Accordingly version 7.1 is release in January month. Driver is intended for all video card, which hardware support DirectX 9.0. For all remaining users the products  9200/9250  it is necessary to be satisfied by old version under number 6.5. In the new release as usually, is corrected number of the existing problems with the rendering, compatability with the separate devices is improved, and new possibilities are also added.

The complete list of components of new driver appears as follows:

  • Radeon display driver 8.33
  • Multimedia center 9.16
  • HydraVision
  • HydraVision basic edition
  • Remote wonder 3.04
  • WDM driver install bundle
  • Southbridge/IXP driver
  • Catalyst control center version 7.1

This release sets some improvements in operation of technologies crossFire, which permit including the regime of alternative tracing personnel alternate frame rendering (AFR). Now it is used by default,  users must perceive considerable increase performance practically in all three-dimensional applications, which support the technology of work with several video cards. It promises, that the following versions of drivers will also include different optimization, directed toward to increase in the total performance.

from the official notes, developers strongly hurried up or they were insufficiently attentive with their writing, since separate points are repeated on several times in different places.

From the concrete corrections in connection with Windows XP it is mentioned about the following:

  • Desperados 2:  does not more appear problems with the launch of game and does not appear communication about error in the file atioglxx.dll with the start of regime  full screen smoothing
  • Rome: Total war: coorected the spoilings rendering with the work on systems AMD or Intel with the dual core processors paired with video card from series ATI x1800
  • Sniper elite: during the game in the operating system Windows XP paired with video cards families radeon x1600  is coorected the spoiling of textures
  • Splinter cell double agent: the spoilings of textures with the start of regime full screen smoothing are not more observed
  • The X -29:with the starting of game at the systems, which contain graphic accelerator from ATI, more does not appear the communications about the error
  • during the reproduction of video is now accessible the regime directX video acceleration (DXVA) on the systems with several video cards and switch to technology crossFire
  • with the attempt to maximize the size of window openGL-  application more does not occur retardings of work system  
  • during the restoration of tuning on default in the control center ATI catalyst control center more does not appear the impossibilities to discharge options for TV
  • with the scaling of image on the display screen and the subsequent entrance in regime S3 more does not occur the hoverings of the system
  • with the connection HDTV or DFP device more does not occur incorrect determination and duplicating HDTV sizes in the control center of driver
  • more it does not appear problems with the removal of user HDTV regimes in the control center driver
  • with tuning monitor or digital panel more is not derived the communication about the page in the control center of the driver
  • retarding the work of control center driver after starting the full screen three-dimensional scene is removed
  • point about boosting the determination TV in the absence of connected device is removed
  • operating system Windows XP media center edition more does not have problems with scanning channels after switching between digital and analog regime
  • are corrected problems with the installation of driver for the south bridge on the Japanese version Windows XP
  • more does not appear communications about the impossibility to write files format AVI in regime VGA
  • with the work on systems using video cards family ATI radeon x19x0 with the switch one technology crossFire more it is not observed problems in release from the latent regime with was installed on operating system Windows XP
  • more it is not observed the incorrect mapping of colors with a change of the resolution screen in the case of connection SDVO device to the build in video card the system logic of a series ATI Of radeon Of xpress 200
  • the regime “Of superAA” is now accessible for the start on the systems with the motherboard on the base of the logic Of intel of series 965
  • with the start of technology crossFireâ„¢ more it does not lead to the activation of white screen with the use digital and analog monitors panels
  • the start of technology crossFire more does not lead to the spoiling graphs in such games as Tiger woods PGA tour 2006 and Madden football

With the known problems it is possible to become acquainted in the official notes to this release. update and changes for different versions of driver under different differ OS are accessible in the appropriate descriptions, which it is possible to find on the pages of download from the references below.

In order to use the control center of drivers catalyst control center, it is necessary to install Microsoft .NET framework.

It is worthwhile to note that not all components are accessible for different OS..

As the alternative to the bulky packet Of catalyst control center can come out the combination from the separate driver and utility ATI tray tools with the complete support of new video card.

For Linux also was relesed new version ATI proprietary display driver under number 8.33.6. It is intended for operating systems with different architecture (x86 and x64), and also outstanding window managers (XFree86 and X.Org). This release support the last core system version 2.6.19, in it is improved the support of professional maps, and are also removed problems with installation and work of component ATI control panel.

Universal installer for any systems is accessible according to the following reference

But also this not all. Site NGOHQ released the special assembly catalyst, which uses as the means of control  classical panel from the old versions drivers ATI (Control panel). Release is based on fresh version 7.1 and contains all changes, described above.

AMD catalyst driver 7.1

amd catalyst driver 7.1

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 12500 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2007-01-11

Download Time:

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about 29.766666666667 min


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