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Another product from agnitum was represented also : the special product for corporate networks with a large quantity of working stations. Outpost network security ensures the effective protection of organizations with small and mid-sized business from the external and internal threats, guarding network and supporting safety of working stations. The acknowledged fire wall and the powerful mechanism of protection from spyware ensures the simple in use, accessible and reliable protection of data company. Furthermore, the possibility of centralized control and automatic propagation of configurations makes possible to reach more powerful protection in shorter time.

The basic possibilities of program appear as follows:

  • protection from spyware:
    • the multistage protection Of outpost gives guarantee, that not one spayware program will penetrate in the network; monitor prevents the making more active of spayware at the working station in the regime real time and automatically moves away all tracks of spyware, restoring the complete fitness for work of  computer user; scanner makes possible to rapidly test to the presence of spyware in accordance with the requirements, guaranteeing the absence of spayware in the working stations
  • the controlled fire wall:
    • Outpost network security contains the powerful acquisition system of intrusions, provides filtration at the levels of system and applications, it possesses the built-in means of protection of code and unique system the security Ethernet- data, which makes with its best protective agent from all types Internet- attacks and intrusions
  • averting the theft of information:
    • the unique possibility Of outpost on the protection of classified information makes possible for users to assign the lines of symbols – for example, the numbers of bank calculations or information about the insurance policies – and to control this information in such way that it never would be transmitted in the network from the computer
  • the easy administration:
    • the protection Of outpost network security can be disseminated to all or selected working stations without additional temporary expenditures, even periodicals are processed and can be examined centralizedly; program makes possible for administrators to flexibly assign different configurations to different groups of users depending on their vulnerability, and configurations can be changed at any time without reloading the working stations
  • the rapid and light update:

    So the download last version with the period of 30 days free use, it is necessary to fill corresponding form on the site of the company:

    • Agnitum outpost network security 2.0.762.462 (35.6 MB, Windows x86, shareware)
    • data sheet pdf(0.3 MB, PDF, language: english).
    • the service Of agnitum update service makes possible for administrators to load the only packet of update for the client and to install it on the set of working stations, reducing traffic and freeing the operating time of administrator; the daily updates of spyware- signatures guarantees that the working stations remain secure from the newest threats

  • Agnitum outpost network security 2.0.762.462

    agnitum outpost network security 2.0.762.462

    computer hardware

    computer hardware

    computer hardware

    computer hardware

    computer hardware

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