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The company paragon software (SUD) released the eighth version of program paragon drive backup, intended for the realization of reserve copying for servers and working stations in the composition of corporate networks.

The loss of data, as a result of interference server or working station, at any enterprise can involve the catastrophic consequences, up to the complete crash. company paragon software (SUD) released the absolutely new solution in the reserve copying for the small and mid-sized business, Paragon drive backup v.8.5. This solution provides the possibility of designing of the precise copies of hard disks and their divisions. Paragon drive backup 8.0 Server edition ensures to users a number unique possibilities, namely:

  • work with all types of dynamic disks: simple, stripe, spanned, mirror, raid 5;
  • record archives on CD/DVD with the aid of net drives (Net burning service);
  • creation and administration Of backup capsule (secure division for storing information);
  • creation of archives for the blocked division, without interrupting the work of computer (Hotbackup technology);
  • archiving, copying and the restoration of disks with the unknown file system format 1:1;
  • creation and compression of multivolume archives, and also protection by password and coding;
  • generation of scripts and the creation of those planned task for automatic fulfillment;
  • support technologies P -ATa (IDE), S -ATa (SATA), SCSI, IEEE 1394 (Fire wire), USB 1.x/2.0, and also NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1), FAT 16/FAT 32, Ext2FS/ext3FS, Linux swap.

One additional distinctive special feature of this version paragon driveBackup is the guarantee of a correct work with the disks to 500 GB and the support of long names (FAT, NTFS), including also many codings.

Together with the production of the system redundancy of given  servers and working stations, the company paragon software (SUD) conducts active operation on introduction on the market SAN/FOR NAS of similar systems, created on the base Of paragon drive backup 7.0 Server edition. The integration of these technologies makes possible to create the unique systems of custody given to scale enterprises for price into hundreds of times (!) it is cheaper than the use of original SAN/NAS systems. In the realias of Russian business, this solution of the problems for storing information since it will make possible to direct freed finances toward other needs of enterprise, for example, for the development of IT- infrastructure.

To download Paragon drive backup v.8.5 is possible on the following of address (Shareware):

Paragon drive backup v.8.5 Professional edition

paragon drive backup v.8.5 professional edition

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 23600 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2007-01-13

Download Time:

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