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Google toolbar is this the panel of google tools , which is placed in the browser and makes possible to facilitate retrieval of information in the network Internet. It contain the quite search line, Google toolbar allows the following possibilities:

  • Block up pop up windows (only Internet explorer)
  • Address line with the search name (only Internet explorer)
    Search for the name will help to find site, even if you do not know its URL. Simply introduce the name of site into the address line, and with the aid of the panel of tools ,google site will found it automatically.
  • Configuration of your panel tools (only for Firefox)
    You can easily and simply to place functions in the panel of tools where necessary. In the menu form in the division panels tools select the command dispose. Here you can add, move away the buttons of panel tools and reorganize them. You can also move the buttons of panel tools google in other panels in the browser.
  • Demonstration of pageRank rating 
    It is worthwhile to spend time on new Web site? Use the parameter of page rank in the panel tools for obtaining information about how with the aid of google algorithms occurs the estimation of the examined page.
  • Isolation of the search conditions 
    If the panel of tools google has already been used for the search for page, . With the aid of the button isolate the conditions of search pages will be immediately isolated, which will considerably facilitate retrieval of the required information.
  • Buttons search for word
    To find the concrete word on the Web page is very complex. With the aid of the panel tools google the arrangement of desired word will be immediately indicated with the introduction in window of search for the first symbols of word, after which with the aid of  button search for word it is possible to look all alliterations of this word on the page.
  • Auto-update
    There is no need for searching for the new versions of panel tools google, since all updates are installed automatically, and you will always have the newest and best version.
  • More advanced search, accompanied by instantaneous prompts with the introduction of words into the window search.
  • Note the frequently attended pages by layings .
  • Add to the panel tools button for the search on dear sites.

The download google toolbar v.4.0.1019 it is possible with the following address (Freeware):

google toolbar v.4.0.1019

google toolbar v.4.0.1019

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 1100 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2007-01-19

Download Time:

Modem :56 kb/s

about 2.6333333333333 min


Cable    :64 kb/s
about 2.3 min
Cable    :128 kb/s about 1.15 min
Cable    :256 kb/s 35 second
Cable    :512kb/s
18 second
Cable    :1mb/s
9 second


Lower than 9 second
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