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Today was Updated the version of small utility nHancer. Program is created for simplification in the control process of drivers, and in particular with creation and editing of tuning. Last of version drivers for video card nVIDIA, beginning from 60, support the function,which makes possible to assign profiles for any game, which contain different setiings for the acceleration and optimization. With the active introduction of technology SLI in games this possibility acquired more significance, since now it is possible to previously indicate to driver as to work with the application, using one video card, two or four. Driver are already build in the functions on the creation of such profiles, but their possibilities do not consider all functions and tuning of concrete video card. Specially for this purpose was created the separate program, which tries to consider all special features.

The basic possibilities of nHancer appear as follows:

  • creation and control of the fully automated profiles for all games
  • control in flight of global system settings and for concrete game, including concealed options
  • the explanation of each option, including specific terms, such as AA, AF and other
  • special options for regime SLI, make possible to start almost any game with use of two video card, even if official support is absent
  • the reserve copying of all user profiles during the reinstallation of driver
  • its own online- base with the large collection of finished profiles
  • multilingual interface
  • multiple operation with the third utilities and the automatic determination of changes

From the second version the program is rewritten taking into account the use of components NET framework 2.0 (they enter by default in distribution Windows vista).

In this release:

  • added the support of drivers series forceware 100 for Vista
  • added the function of checking the presence for adminstrator privileges in the stock-taking record of the current user for the work in Windows vista
  • changed the mode of operation of full screen smoothing SLI 16x for video card on the base of chip g80, now it is equivalent to regime 8x with the additional smoothing 2x SLI
  • added new regime for the smoothing SLI 32xQ for video card on the base Of g80 working paired with technology SLI, it is equivalent 16xQ mode (8x MS + 16x CS)
  • added key for the command line /ignoreDriver ignoring testing the current version driver
  • corrections in the German language are introduced

In more detail with all update it is possible to become acquainted in the official site.

Download one of the versions  is possible according to the following references:

On the site of program there is a sufficiently large division, where it is possible to take already finished profiles for the program with the support of the last games in different configurations; however, it does not function at the given moment.

nHancer 2.1.1

nhancer 2.1.1

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 1024 Kb

File format: zip

Date added: 2007-01-25

Download Time:

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16 second
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8 second


Lower than 8 second
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