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Company PRIVATELY HELD COMPANY laboratory Of kasperskogo, one of the leading developers systems for protection from viruses, hacker attacks and spama, declared about the release of pack update maintenance pack 2 for personal products for the protection of computer kaspersky internet security 6.0  . One of the most important additions, which were appeared in the Maintenance pack is the support of the new operating system Windows vista.

Kaspersky internet security 6.0 and antivirus Kaspersky 6.0 are the last generation of information security. Antivirus Kaspersky 6.0 serves for the protection of computer from the penetration of the harmful programs, while kaspersky internet security 6.0 ensures complex safety from all types of the electronic threats – harmful and spayware programs, hacker attacks, net swindle and spam distributions. In this case antivirus component Of kaspersky internet security 6.0 possesses all possibilities of antivirus Kaspersky 6.0.

The reason for the release of the second pack update within the shortest periods after the release Of maintenance pack 1 became the need for granting complex protection from all forms of Internet- threats to the users of the new operating system Windows vista, which company microsoft released on 30 January, 2007. The versions of antivirus products released previously are incompatible with this operating system because of its architectural special features. The second pack of update ensures to the products kaspersky internet security 6.0 antivirus Kaspersky 6.0 possibilities to valuably work both with the 32- the bit and with the 64- the bit by versions Windows vista.

In this case Maintenance pack 2 includes all functions and additions, which were being contained in the first pack – in particular, the valuable support of operating system Windows XP 64-bit edition, the extended functionality of the tasks checking on the requirement, a number of improvements module proactive protection, and the protection of manager tasks Windows from the introduction of the harmful libraries of dynamic connections (dll).

From the basic possibilities briefly is possible to speak about the following:

  • antivirus with the functions of checking net traffic, the support of email clients and the improved algorithm of checking  objects
  • proactive protection for the analysis of activity applications and monitoring
  • the built-in module is anti- spy for the protection from the advertisement and the Internet- swindle (only for KIS)
  • internetwork screen with the dynamic package filtration, the possibility of task was guided by monitoring net activity (only for KIS)
  • module for dealing with the undesirable correspondence (only for KIS)

Changes this time also are practically identical for both products:

  • Kaspersky antivirus:
    • improved:
      • realized the support of operating system microsoft Windows vista
      • updated update components  
      • alternative servers of activation for application are added
    • known problems:
      • there is no possibility of treating the post bases of pst- size, inserted in the post communication
      • in certain cases after work in regime  treatment of active infection (advanced disinfection) can remain references in the list to the remote infected files
      • erroneously works the pickup of tuning from Microsoft internet explorer, if different proxy- servers for the different protocols are assigned
      • checking the VBA- macros: is opened checking the fulfillment of macro APIFUNCTION
  • Kaspersky internet security:
    • improved:
      • added the support of x64 in the component to anti- Spam
      • improved the recognition of graphic spam
      • realized entire enumerated above for Kaspersky Antivirus
    • known problems:
      • are possible problems with the working anti- Spam of some titles of letters, which contain Japanese hieroglyphs, if testing the titles is included
      • in certain cases in the window of the preliminary survey Of microsoft office outlook does not change the theme of the letter, when it opened and in it is discovered to spam
      • also entire enumerated above for Kaspersky Antivirus

Download one of the versions in different languages is possible according to the following references:

Support work in the medium of operating systems Windows 98/Me/NT4/(Service pack 6a)/2000/XP/vista and versions of x64. System requirements are also low, but the load of the module of atntivirus monitoring practically does not affect general performance.

Kaspersky anti-Virus personal

kaspersky anti-virus personal

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 18500 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2007-01-31

Download Time:

Modem :56 kb/s

about 44.05 min


Cable    :64 kb/s
about 38.55 min
Cable    :128 kb/s about 19.283333333333 min
Cable    :256 kb/s about 9.65 min
Cable    :512kb/s
about 4.8333333333333 min
Cable    :1mb/s
about 2.4166666666667 min


Lower than 2.4166666666667 second
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