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Slowly but correctly continue to update the products, which want to be compatible with the new version of operating system Windows vista. At this time in its turn reached also HyperSnap-DX from company hyperionics. This is the specialized software for capture of photographs from screen with practically any programs. Basic difference in the analogous developments - possibility of retaining images from the three-dimensional applications, as games, which use technologies directX, OpenGL and Glide. Furthermore, HyperSnap-DX support work with overlay, which in turn ensures the retention of personnel from films and telecasts of any format. HyperSnap-DX present also the firm technology textSnap, which adds to the pack of function OCR. It is now possible to make the photographs of pictures with the text and to immediately transfer it in that edited (recently analogous functions they appeared also in the program snagIT).

The basic possibilities of program appear as follows:

  • the technology textSnap - the seizure of text for the editing even the when usual functions of copying do not work (they are observed problem with the cyrillic alphabet)
  • means for capture, editing and manipulation by images
  • support the three-dimensional games OfirectX, OpenGL and Glide
  • the possibility of addition for photographs dies, watermarks, additional personnel, shadows and the injection of files on FTP
  • automatic substitution of colors
  • possibility to capture screen shot from the nonrectangular windows programs
  • the seizure of image with the aid of hot keys
  • automatic warming up of pages, in the cases, if they are not placed on the screen
  • integration with the buffer of exchange Windows for the simple insert of pictures into any application
  • automatic retention of photo into files with different format
  • the integrated component of the preview of images and converter of up to 20 different format
  • optimized user interface

Among the basic changes it is mentioned about the following:

  • modified method of capture windows in the medium OS Windows vista for the support of interface aero-Glass, which ensures work with the rounded edges
  • changed the work of plural capture
  • introduced corrections in the code of reading files JPEG  

Demo version is accessible on the site Of hyperionics:

HyperSnap-DX 6.13.01

hypersnap-dx 6.13.01

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

File size: 3300 Kb

File format: exe

Date added: 2007-02-06

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