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Categories: internet   ||   ballswapper 1.05.1


BallSwapper is a simple but extremely addictive arcade logic game with bright graphics and original music. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by swapping the adjacent balls so that they form lines of three or more of the same color and removing them from the board. When you remove four or more balls at a time, you earn bombs that you can use to destroy individual balls when there are no moves left. You can choose from three kinds of the fast-paced timed game or play the relaxing game without any time limit. The program supports skins enabling you to customize the balls textures, the interface appearance and colors.

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BallSwapper 1.05.1

ballswapper 1.05.1

Categories: internet   ||   windriver ghost enterprise edition 2.02


WinDriver Ghost Enterprise provides company users the easy and fast detection, backup and restore of the entire hardware device drivers currently on your system. With it, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. Just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backuped to any folder you want. When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore them by clicking a button, after reboot once, all the drivers will be installed and will function well. Also you may choose to backup a certain driver or the entire drivers to an EXE automatic installer. If you have a hardware that is troublesome, just remove it with the software. Network backup and restoration are supported.

It is especially useful to those who have lost his Driver Disk or Driver CD. WinDriver Ghost is able to clone the installation EXE package.

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WinDriver Ghost Enterprise Edition 2.02

windriver ghost enterprise edition 2.02

Categories: internet   ||   my bootdisk 2.71


My Boot Disk creates start-up disk with mouse support and dozens of system-repairing utilities, including boot-up fix, file extraction, drive partitioning, rapid installation, disk format, Attributes change, file deletion, file copy, disk scan and more. It installs Windows faster, troubleshoots varieties of boot or crash problems and discover potential file damage.

Windows NT technology based systems such as Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP will not be out of luck. My Boot Disk provides the solution of booting up Windows NT/2000/XP with only one floppy disk. This enables users to troubleshoot multiple operating system boot crash and boot files damage cases.

My Boot Disk creates both Boot Disk and Repair Disk. They are generally machine specific, i.e., they are made according to your system configuration.

One of the exciting functions of the software is to download standard Boot Disk from the Internet, which includes MS-DOS 5.00, MS-DOS 6.20, MS-DOS 6.21, MS-DOS 6.22, Windows 95 OEM, Windows 95B, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP. After download, you may insert your floppy disk and make it thereafter.

My Boot Disk also backup and restore system important files as well as important personal files including Outlook Express mails, Address Book and IE Favorites.

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My BootDisk 2.71

my bootdisk 2.71

Categories: internet   ||   browse anywhere 1.21


Have you ever encountered the dilemma that you could not open a certain web site that does exist in the Internet world? Have you ever experienced the trouble that you open some web pages with the extraordinary low speed? How can we solve these problems? Browse Anywhere software might be the answer.

Browse Anywhere integrates a special technique called Global Route, which enables you to access a website with the best route among all Internet highways. With Global Route, you may browse any website, open any web page and download any file that do exist in the Internet world. With Browse Anywhere, users will usually feel that the Internet surfing and download speed is faster than their default Web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Browse Anywhere combines the foreign language translation service which is capable of translating foreign language content web site or web pages into your native language. Supported languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

The software needs Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or later version installed on your system and provides multiple-language Interface for non-English users including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

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Browse Anywhere 1.21

browse anywhere 1.21

Categories: internet   ||   business translator 5.00


Business Translator provides document and webpages translation among 11 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

Magic Dictionary is also included, with which you can look up precisely the meaning of any word or phrase in more than 12 dictionary simultaneously.

Business Translator supports either single word translation when you are searching the corresponding word in another language, or sentences translation when you are chatting with a foreigner, or even entire passage translation that meets your specific needs and Web translation when you are browsing foreign laguage content based website. Business Translator integrates a Microsoft WordPad styled Rich Text editor. So you do not have to launch another word editor to edit your translation sources and results and save to disk your works.

The Build-in Web browser can lead you to any website with simultaneous translation. The IE Observer can be integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer and monitor the websites you are browsing. Just a simple select and click on the button, you can get the specified web pages translated into your own language. Or display the translation result in a newly opened window for comparison.

The installation program of Business Translator and Business Translator Itself is interfaced with multiple languages. Easy to use!

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Business Translator 5.00

business translator 5.00

Categories: internet   ||   touchtype champion 1.00


Instead of allowing your staff to play solitare in their breaks, simply install TouchType Champion and have your staff learn to touch type and then compete against each other for the recognition of being the champion in the office.

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TouchType Champion 1.00

touchtype champion 1.00

Categories: internet   ||   sarah coloring book 1.0


Sarasoft Coloring Book is a wonderful program for children age 4 and up. The program features 250 beautiful pictures, 8 background songs and more than 450 sound effects. Selecting a picture to color is as easy as clicking on a thumbnail. You can also view the finished picture and borrow colors from it. You can print the black and white picture then color it by hand, or print your finished version to any color printer.

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Sarah Coloring Book 1.0

sarah coloring book 1.0

Categories: internet   ||   zd3 2.0


Zd3 is a document imaging and management system . Zd3 stores all documents
in digital format making search and retrieval of documents very fast and easy.
Zd3 web solution is the easiest and most secure solution to access documents over
the Internet. Zd3 uses industry standard SQL servers to store, search, and
retrieve documents. Zd3 supports all major SQL servers like MS SQL, MS MSDE,
Oracle, Sybase, and MySQL. Plugin SDK is an excellent tool to add functionality to
Zd3. You can also use the SDK to connect Zd3 to existing databases.

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Zd3 2.0

zd3 2.0

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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