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Categories: internet   ||   chemap 2003 2.0


ChemAP 2003 is a Periodic Table features 112 elements. It has more than 30 data items on each element, including abundance, melting and boilling points, electronegativity, more than 500 isotopes, history and more.

The program includes utils to compare elements, calculate molecular weights, compare bond properties, list properties in sorted lists, graph the properties, unit convertion tool, etc.

And more tables of constants, pH indicators chart, ionization constants, enzymes database, etc.

Principal features:

- Periodic Table
- Find elements
- Unit conversion tool (Temperature, mass, length, etc)
- Compare elements
- Atomic weight calculator
- Search for elements by their names, symbols, weight, density, and others properties
- Trend graph
- Enzyme database
- Ionization constants
- Print information, save and copy results
- Chemistry glossary
- Ionization constants
- ... and more (pH indicators chart, abundance...).

ChemAP 2003 allows you to quickly find ionization energies, bond orders, isotopes and their weights, and much more. You can view elements that are metals, states, or groups. You can also view characteristics for each element.

It is an extremely easy-to-use program and is a must-have if you are studying chemistry.

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ChemAP 2003 2.0

chemap 2003 2.0

Categories: internet   ||   aliaweb power advertising banner manager 1.0


· Unique hierarchy structure

· 5 campaign types (fixed, day, clicks, percent, free) and 1 campaign type reserved for future use (images)

· Campaign targeting for:
 · date interval (date from - date to; 1.6.2002 - 7.6.2002)
 · time interval in a day (time from - time to; 9:00 - 15:00)
 · weekday (saturday and sunday only)
 · client (max. client count, max. period count, max. period time)

· Campaign priority (if not defined a campaign has low priority; if defined higher number means higher campaign priority)

· Campaign is targeted for specified order, the order has a relationship to specified advertiser

· Advertising zone is specified by page and page position

· One campaign can belong to one or more advertising zones if pages are entered in tree structure, campaign can belong to zone and it's sub-zones in pages tree structure

· User can define page capacity for every page if not defined default page capacity is used

· User can define page capacity in a day for every page if not defined default page capacity in a day is used

· Every page has specified category to which the page belongs (business and economy, ...)

· Banner targeting for:
 · date interval (date from - date to; 1.6.2002 - 7.6.2002)
 · time interval in a day (from - to; 9:00 - 15:00)

· Banner is targeted to specified order or campaign indirectly through banner weight; banner weight determines probability, that defined banner will selected from a set of advertiser's banners

· Banner is specified optionaly by html code or image url and image reference url

· Banner flag define, if statistics will collect data about click through and images sended

· Default banner definitions for default page and all page positions allow to send default banner in situations, when none other banner was selected from set of banners

· High performance - Over 100 milion banners can be resolved per 1 day (Dual Athlon 1500)

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AliaWeb Power advertising banner manager 1.0

aliaweb power advertising banner manager 1.0

Categories: internet   ||   all converter 5.2.2


All Converter is a powerful, all-in-one, multimedia application converting the media files among the most popular media formats.With All Converter,you can convert MP3 to WAV,MP3 to WMA ,MP3 to OGG,MP3 to VQF, WAV to MP3,WAV to WMA,WAV to OGG,WAV to VQF,WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG,WMA to VQF,OGG to MP3,OGG to WAV,OGG to WMA,OGG to VQF,VQF to MP3,VQF to WAV,VQF to WMA,VQF to OGG.All Converter make it easy to manage your converting task. You can select files from file dialog , shell menu of windows explorer or drag your files into All Converter.You can get most work done automatically JUST with sereval mouse clicks.You can select many files into one batch no matter their media types and their convert-to types, and then begin your converting task. If necessary,All Converter can shut down your computer automatically when all done . As more,you can play all files of these media types with All Converter.

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All Converter 5.2.2

all converter 5.2.2

Categories: internet   ||   allbuttons web menu builder 2.1


With AllButtons, you can create professional buttons and menus for your website fast and easily. All the web buttons and web menus, you can now make yourself in no-time. Create drop-down menus, navigation bars, and sub menus in minutes.

Create your own menus for free with AllButtons web menu builder.

AllButtons has a wide range of web buttons and web menus you can choose from to fit your web design, e.g. 3D, glossy, 2D, or a simple flat button. On top of this, you can choose your own color to match the specific color of your website or corporate housestyle, and use your own font. The possibilities are endless.

AllButtons is a Java-based application and therefore compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux systems and all browsers.

With AllButtons you can also create complete navigation bars including sub menus. check out the samples.

Want to try out AllButtons to see what it can do for you? Just download a FREE trial version.

AllButtons costs only US$29.95, which you will quickly earn back by saving time and money with this easy-to-use web menu builder buy it now.

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Allbuttons Web Menu builder 2.1

allbuttons web menu builder 2.1

Categories: internet   ||   all editor 2.4.3


All Editor, the most powerful all-in-one audio editor, turns your computer into a professional Music Studio.All Editor provides you over 20 effects to make your music sounds cool and larruping. With All Editor, you can directly modify the envelope of your music, view their spectrum graph, mix from other songs.The enhanced multi clipboard make the exchanges between songs more faster and convenient. The powerful undo/redo engine actives your image without worrying about mistake.The built-in recorder help your to record any sound of your computer such as streaming audio from internet,games,realplayer etc.With All Editor,you can record and save directly to MP3/WMA/OGG/VQF/WAV files.With schedule support,you can make All Editor automatically startup to record your favorite program.

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All Editor 2.4.3

all editor 2.4.3

Categories: internet   ||   alkonost maxformat 3.50


Alkonost MaxFormat enables you to format floppy disks to maximum capacity with maximum efficiency.
MaxFormat can format floppies to the current standard formats for 3.5 inch disks of 1.4MB and 720K, 5.25 inch disks of 1.2MB and 360K, plus additional non-standard formats: 1.72MB and 1.68MB DMF (3.5 inch disks) and 1.5MB (5.25 inch disks). The DMF (1.68MB) format is often used for distribution floppies under Windows 95/98/Me and Windows NT/2000.
MaxFormat determines the type and number of floppy drives on your system and provides very fast formatting with the optimal sectors interleave to increase reading/writing speeds. You can create diskettes that are quicker than the diskettes formatted by Windows explorer! In addition to formatting floppies, MaxFormat can also duplicate diskettes with standard and non-standard formats, create the exact "track by track" diskette images, verify, make bootable under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP (even with DMF formats!), clear disks, format only when needed and copy files and whole directories to the diskette automatically after formatting.
Non-standard formats provide you with extra storage space. The additional disk space is often enough to allow you to squeeze marginal files onto standard floppy disks and save you the trouble of fragmenting the file or compressing it. MaxFormat is ideal for those times when just a few extra kilobytes can make a difference! However, MaxFormat is also useful for normal formatting operations, as it offers a number of unique features to make working with your diskettes more convenient and effective.

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Alkonost MaxFormat 3.50

alkonost maxformat 3.50

Categories: internet   ||   all4 alto-mp3 maker 3.10


AltoMP3 Maker is an attractive and extremely easy to use CD to MP3 converter( cd ripper) and MP3 to WAV decoder for Windows 9X/Me/NT/2000/XP. It features: Perfect output MP3 quality with high speed. Access CD information from freedb over internet. Very easy to use and intuitive interface. Support both ID3V1 and ID3V2 tag. Support full CD playback control functions makes it can also work as a freedb-aware CD player. Support Ogg Vorbis audio format.
*Automatically normalizes MP3s(WAVs) to consistent volume level
*Easy to understand, clear and intuitive user interface makes it easy to use. You can launch your favorite MP3 player, open output folder by simply clicking a button.
*Support freedb services, the free CD info source online. You can get the CD titles, album, artists etc. information over Internet and write it into MP3 with ID3 tag support. Forget the annoyingly typing.

1. Both ID3V1 and ID3V2 tag support, ID3 Tag editable.
2. Perfect Output Quality with High Speed, Freedb Enabled.
3. Winamp playlist File(*.m3u) generation
4. Multiple CD drivers support
5. Perfect output quality with high speed.
6. Large scale CD-ROM devices support

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All4 Alto-MP3 Maker 3.10

all4 alto-mp3 maker 3.10

Categories: internet   ||   the great gray wolf 1.3


Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality(tm) feature 40 engaging photos and tranquil MP3 music. This fascinating screensaver includes an assortment of wild wolf shots never before seen. Witness a wild wolf chasing a fox, stalking its prey, stretching against a backdrop of brilliant fall colors, and wild wolf puppies from Denali National Park. Each image is picked especially for its personality. No dull, lifeless portraits. You can almost hear each critter breathe. There are over 100 transitions to admire. The time delay between slides is adjustable. The length of time each image appears is also adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds. The full version has 3.9 MB of CD quality MP3 music, with a mute option. All 40 images in the full version are optimized to 1024 by 768, and are adjustable to display properly on all monitors. Our Free Demo version shows 12 full sized and 28 mini images in random order, includes a short version of the CD quality MP3 music, and contains humorous Buy Now screens. A small scrolling marquee summarizes the benefits of the program. The full version does not include the scrolling marquee or humorous Buy Now Reminder photos. After you've enjoyed using the free Demo screen saver, you'll want to enjoy all of the images full sized and the entire musical selection. You can download the full version of the program for $9.95. If you would like to keep a CD backup, one will be offered during checkout. System Requirements, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP, 100 MHz Pentium or better, 300 MHz to play MP3s. Set monitor to Highest or True color 32 bit Settings for best viewing. Sound card and speakers recommended with 11 MB available on hard drive.

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The Great Gray Wolf 1.3

the great gray wolf 1.3

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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99 Bottles of Beer Screensaver HTA Edition 1.002002-08-28

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My BootDisk 2.712004-07-12

Browse Anywhere 1.212004-07-12

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Zd3 2.02005-03-26

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SmartFTP 2.0.999.1 (9978865)

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Message Boards Browser 2.0 (19085)

Nokia PC Suite 6.82.21 (14678)

Recover My Files 3.98.5178 (13502)

Shaiya (13148)

Magic DVD Ripper 4.2.4 (12592)

Small Cd -Writer 1.4 (11165)

Microsoft virtual PC 2007 6.0.156 (10753)

Core temp 0.94 (10005)

Victoria 4.2 Beta (9872)

XP codec pack (9658)

Real VNC 4.2.8 (9642)

99 Bottles of Beer Screensaver HTA Edition 1.00 (9454)

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EasyBanner 1.0 (8966)

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WebSiteZip Packer 1.3 (8401)


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