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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: internet   ||   anvir virus destroyer 3.7


Antivirus tool that protects computer against viruses and manages running processes and startup files.

1. protect computer from been infected with viruses
2. cure infected computer
3. view full info about running processes including processor and memory usage
4. manage Windows startup files
5. access most often used applications and folders with automatically filled tray menu
6. speed up Windows boot time and increase computer performance by disabling useless programs and delay startup loading

Main features:
1. Antivirus monitor continuously monitors computer's memory, and automatically detects, and removes viruses without interrupting your work. It terminates viruses and cures the infected computer by removing all virus stuff.
2. Startup manager with list of applications that run on Windows startup shows all registry entries, startup folders' items and initialization files. You can disable entries, edit entries, locate entries in the registry, create new entries, delete them permanently, or place startup item to the delayed list.
3. Task manager with full information about all running processes: file path, file description, work time, memory usage, processor usage, parent process, command line, etc. You can terminate any process, or process tree, get information from Web about each running executable file, etc.
4. Monitor of Windows startup setting. You will be notified at the moment, when any program tries to add itself to startup list.
5. Log with info about created processes, windows and new startup items. You can see when a process was created, and when it was terminated, who created a process, and with what command line, how long it worked, and how much processor time it used.
6. Tray icon with the graphical representation of processor usage.
Automatically filled tray menu with most offten used applications. You can launch your favorite programs and open your favorite folders with two clicks.

Best choice for home users.

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AnVir Virus Destroyer 3.7

anvir virus destroyer 3.7

Categories: internet   ||   anasil 2.2


ANASIL 2.2 is the network analyser of local networks and the protocols decoder for the Ethernet class networks. Prepares in-depth network analysis, captures and decodes network packets, checks if any sniffer is running in the LAN. Measures the network traffic, activity of computers and the transmition speed, makes analysis of frames, connections with WWW servers, point-to-point tests, creates lists and statistics of the network protocols. ANASIL 2.2 intruduces for the first time the concept of ANASIL DESKTOP AGENTS - a small, resident module to be started automatically with the system on the network station. The Agent communicates with the main ANASIL system and provides it with detailed information on the station's configuration. It may also make analysis of aplcations usage, shut down or restart the station remotely, or send the station's screen dump. ANASIL 2.2 may be especially useful for: Local area network supervisors (media load distribution analysis will be helpful to find stations generating most of the frame traffic, and point-to point tests will help find defected stations. Network profile and new station detection will allow you to easily detect intruders, who connect to your network segment. Additionally, the network profile may be used for inventory purposes), Network programmers (frame grabbing and analysis are invaluable tools while testing communication between network applications running on different stations. It is easy to create decoders for our own communication protocols in the programmable protocol decoder and then to monitor these protocols with ANASIL. ANASIL is also able to monitor the status of the NetBIOS adapters on remote stations), Network servicemen (protocol decoder and frame grabbing will be useful to detect and correct network configuration problems and point-to-point tests will help to finally check the network hardware).

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anasil 2.2

Categories: internet   ||   myprofiler 1.0


Use MyProfiler to :
Monitor the performance of an instance MySql .
Troubleshoot problems in MySql by capturing events on a production system and replaying them on a test system. This is useful for testing or debugging purposes and allows users to continue using the production system without interference.
Audit and review activity that occurred on an instance of SQL Server. This allows a security administrator to review any of the auditing events, including the success and failure of a login attempt and the success and failure of permissions in accessing statements and objects.
Get a full list of the statements executed on your server and the time of execution. This helps shared hosts to charge the users by usage .
Helps you detect bottlenecks and determine high usage days and hours on your server .
Use the Index tuning wizard to determine the best organization of indexes on your databases .The index tuning wizard allows gives u a recommendation on creating the indexes in your tables .
Tracing :
In the tracing window you will see the events that occur on your server .MyProfiler captures the following events : SQL Queries -Login attempts-Shutdown-Connection terminating
2)Logging :
MyProfiler allows you to log the events that occur on your server to a text file or a MySql table. You can set limitation on the size of the text file or the number of rows of the table to avoid extreme growth .When you choose the logging to a mysql table you can use this workload as an input to the index tuning wizard to analyze the best index structure on your database .
3)Index tuning wizard :
The Index Tuning Wizard allows you to select and create an optimal set of indexes and statistics for a MySql Server database without requiring an expert understanding of the structure of the database, the workload, or the internals of MySQL Server.The wizard will recommend the best mix of indexes for a database.

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MyProfiler 1.0

myprofiler 1.0

Categories: internet   ||   window wack 1.0.1244.43106


Window Wack is a Popup Blocker that makes your Internet experience more enjoyable by blocking those annoying PopUp Windows.

Have you stoped going to your favorite web sites because they put pop-ups on the web site? - Window Wack can make that site enjoyable again.

Does your internet connection speed seem slow even with the Broadband service? - Pop-Ups consume your bandwidth, slowing down downloads and your browsing experience. Window Wack can help get that bandwidth back.

Online Help & Offline Help
Block unsolicited pop-up ads
Block spywares and adwares Pop-Ups(Full Version Only)
Automatic Update: Checks for updates and lets you know when there are updates available.
Customizable List of "Always Allow" domains.
Customizable List of "Always Block" domains.
Start & Stop Functions to allow you to control when you want it to block pop-up windows.
Popup Notification
Blocks ONLY Unsolicited Pop-ups. CTRL+Click on a link ignores the pop-up(Full Version Only)
Will Not Block SHIFT+Click on a link.(Full Version Only)

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Window Wack 1.0.1244.43106

window wack 1.0.1244.43106

Categories: internet   ||   magic mirror kaleidoscope screensaver 1.21


Magic Mirror is a new screensaver - and software toy - that operates as a true kaleidoscope. It takes in ordinary pictures and creates full-screen moving kaleidoscope images from them. The free trial version is an attractive screensaver in itself, but can only operate with a fixed set of images. The full version has fifty extra specially-selected images, and also can use ordinary Windows BMP files - family photos, downloaded images or whatever.

As a screensaver, Magic Mirror has all the options you might expect, and more. Select the number of reflections and the camera magnification and movement pattern, or let the program choose randomly. You can choose a split screen mode that shows the source picture and moving mirrors simultaneously with the kaleidoscope image. Particularly attractive is the mode that changes mirror position occasionally, with the last image fading smoothly into the next. For sound effects, use the included wind-chime sounds, or select any MIDI music files.

In Settings mode, you can use it like a versatile toy kaleidoscope. The small preview window can be detached and expanded to any size. You can load specific images, and if you want you can move the mirrors around 'by hand' using the arrow keys. Save the current image anytime for use as wallpaper etc.

If you like kaleidoscopes at all, this is well worth a try!

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Magic Mirror Kaleidoscope Screensaver 1.21

magic mirror kaleidoscope screensaver 1.21

Categories: internet   ||   biblepro 12.6


BiblePro includes one million verse links, 150,000 commentaries, 43 bibles, more than 100 maps, and an interface with free updates for life. BiblePro uses the same buttons, tools, look, and feel of Microsoft Word and Outlook to make it as easy as possible to learn how to use. The search finds any verse intelligently. Results are linked to commentaries, references, and translations. View a map of the places mentioned and designs of ancient buildings. As you search, read and browse references and commentaries that are displayed below the verse window for instant access. Words with ancient roots are linked to all the translations. Every word is linked with meaning to its original. Read about how each word was translated. All the major commentaries from Strong's to Torres are included and auto-linked. Includes an InterFaith tool and advanced copy/paste tools. Version 12.6 added a multi-color highlighter and 9 new Bibles.

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BiblePro 12.6

biblepro 12.6

Categories: internet   ||   beyondphone


We are a company offering PC to PHONE services http://www.beyondphone.com we are working in voice over internet protocol for the past seven years and are backed by our own software developement house. Currently we provide support to many other companies offering internet telephony and have all the right kind of research insight and infrastructure to offer pc to phone service with a difference that is "better voice quality" and "cheap calling rates". Our research and development department strives continuosly to bring about further improvement in the service. For example the improved voice compression and buffering methods which we use result in better conversation while a person is connected through beyond phone as compare to the other services. This phenomenon of price difference of tremendous proportion in favour of internet telephony makes it a very viable project from commercial point of view we at Beyond phone realize fully that this service has the potential to grow rapidly,having said that we invite you to take advantage of this golden oppurtunity of doing good buisness. We are offering complete solutions and competitive packages to the people who are intersted in becoming RESELLERS or DEALERS of Beyond phone they will be backed by our comprehensive customer support programme in which we offer round the clock( 24/6 ) technical support and will take care of any probelems or queries which may arise.

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Categories: internet   ||   broken cross disk manager: free version 2.14


Catalogue whole disks or only single directories with this powerful disk manager. They are then stored in a compact database and can be viewed like in explorer. To search for files, you can open multiple Search dialogs with options for date and size. Files can be opened or copied directly, even with type-specific commands. For Audio CDs, you can query information from CDDB, either when cataloguing them or as a batch run. Disk Manager can then create descriptions using this information. It can also use MP3 ID3 tags for descriptions. Many other useful features...

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Broken Cross Disk Manager: Free Version 2.14

broken cross disk manager: free version 2.14

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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EasyBanner 1.0 (9713)

BackStreet Browser 3.1 (9713)


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