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computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

Categories: internet   ||   managexps 1.1


It is a opensource software(GPL).
Software is windows application written in VB6.0
The modules which will be incorporated in MANAGE XPS are:
* A-O-N genration
* Gantt chart genration.
* Critical path and various float calculation.
* Resource profile genration.
* Resource leveling through simulation.
* Resource allocation based on various priority rules.
* Project crashing under development.
* Other financial modules under development

Half of the work is already cmpleted and is available at http://industrialonline.net/schedule.htm

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ManageXPS 1.1

managexps 1.1

Categories: internet   ||   the idiot 3.03


You're tired of the solitaire games bundled with Windows and you want some new challenges? Then The Idiot - Solitaire Collection is for you. This package contains 40 new solitaire games. Among the games are: The Idiot, Napoleon's Grave, Thirteen's Pyramid, The Snake, Golf, Free Cell, Memory, Tetris, Poker and many more. This combined with sound, music, statistics, and many graphical effects will give you hours of fun by the computer.

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The Idiot 3.03

the idiot 3.03

Categories: internet   ||   pdf builder 2.0


Exploit the power of Adobe Acrobat with PDF Builder. With PDF Builder you can easily create PDF files on the fly from many different file types including TXT,XLS,DOC,JPG,GIF,TIF,DWG,DXF,RPT,PPT,MDB,etc. Even create PDF files from web pages! Effortlessly combine different file types into a single PDF file. File information is stored in a project database so you can create your PDF files at any time by simply clicking a button. If you use Adobe Acrobat you must have PDF Builder!

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PDF Builder 2.0

pdf builder 2.0

Categories: internet   ||   radix 3.1


Radix is a complete client/server software solution that integrates and centralizes key business functions. Radix blends together contact management, customer service and support, time tracking and billing, expense tracking, scheduling, and electronic communication. Because Radix is a true distributed application with distinct client and Server components, users have the flexiblity of accessing it's powerful features whether they're in the office, at a remote location, or even at home. Built with state-of-the-art Microsoft development tools, MySQL database technology, and careful attention to user interface design, Radix is easy to use, reliable, fast and powerful. Download Radix now and see it's power for yourself. There are no feature restrictions of any kind for the 30 day multi-user evaluation period. Once you decide that you can't live without it, you can purchase user licenses from our website (www.hurstridge.com) via a secure server. User Licenses are only $33 per user. Radix includes several sophisticated and fully integrated modules: Help Desk Knowledge Base Time Tracking Contact Management Email Client Appointment Scheduling Project Tracking Expense Tracking Employee Signout Board Products Client Invoicing Phone Messages To Do Personal Notes Custom Report Manager.

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Radix 3.1

radix 3.1

Categories: internet   ||   lantool beta


LanTool is ideally suited for environments that require some sort of network management and administration. For instance Corporate/Home networks, cybercafes and so on.

Local area networks are difficult and stressful to manage. Especially in organizations that have practically non-existent IT support. LanTool can help with such tasks, and because it runs as a system service, it is available even before a user logs in.

It supports features like, remotely shutting down, restarting or locking a machine, logging off users or getting a snapshot of currently active computers on the network.

Furthermore, useful information is available such as username of person logged on to a particular machine, idle time, MAC address, IP addresses, system uptime, processes running, etc.

LanTool lets you transfer files on the network and it is a huge improvement over the standard means provided by the operating system. LanTool's file transfer* is more reliable for example with the resume and throttle features, more flexible in allowing broadcasting of a file to all the computers on the network, the ability to set the way the network bandwidth is to be used during transfers with LanTool's traffic modeling* feature.

A useful troubleshooting facility is the ability to test the quality of a network connection.

* These features are either currently in development or have not been fully tested.

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LanTool Beta

lantool beta

Categories: internet   ||   html code convert 3.3.1


HTML Code Convert helps speed up the conversion of HTML code into different format including Java Script, JavaServer Pages, Microsoft ASP, PHP, Perl, Python, and the UNIX Shell. It is particularly useful in CGI scripting.

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Html Code Convert 3.3.1

html code convert 3.3.1

Categories: internet   ||   hotshift calendar 3.2.9


Trialware calendar for fire fighters and other workers on a rotating shift schedule. Handles 24-hour shifts or 2 shifts per day. Up to 4 platoons can be indicated by color coding and/or captions. Schedules are created by the user. Prints calendars with up to 54 months on one page. Prints small calendars for making laminated cards. Web calendar generator makes straight html calendars or javascript calendars in 3 styles. The javascript calendars remain current by reading the system date, require no maintenance unless the schedule is changed. Holidays configured by the user. Desk top calendar is freeware and does not expire. The printing utility and web calendar generator require registration after the initial 30-day trial. All functions are limited to years between 1970 and 2030.

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HotShift Calendar 3.2.9

hotshift calendar 3.2.9

Categories: internet   ||   quick colour picker


Quick Colour Picker gives you more than just the ability to pick colours. This rich program allows you to save your colours to lists, organize them, name them user friendly names, and then use them to gradient colour and gradient size your HTML text for use as titles for your web pages. Snap a picture from your desktop or grab a bitmap from your clipboard, Quick Colour Picker will allow you to pick colours from almost anywhere! Create colours for your HTML document background, text, and links.

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Quick Colour Picker

quick colour picker

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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