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Categories: internet   ||   universal mechanism 2.0


The program is intended for simulation of kinematics and dynamics of planar and spatial mechanical systems. The program is oriented to practical engineers, students and teachers; by other words it is oriented to all people who are involved in problems of dynamics of machines and mechanisms. Mechanical systems are described by means of representing them as systems of rigid bodies connected by various kinematical pairs and force elements. Lots of dynamical performances of mechanical systems are available during simulation, such as linear and angular coordinates, velocity and acceleration, active forces and moments, reaction forces etc. UM includes an advanced postprocessor: linear analysis, statistics, optimization, export of results. Discount for students and scientists.

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Universal Mechanism 2.0

universal mechanism 2.0

Categories: internet   ||   minigolf 2003 1.0


Mini Golf 2003 is a "must" for all the golfing fans!
It makes computer golfing more exciting!
All the different holes are verry nice made and garanties lots
of houres of great golf time.
All the holes have different obstacles like water,sand,flowers,...
whitch makes it harder to score directly!!!
***Thanks to the great gameplay and the verry easy interface is
Mini Golf 2003 "the game" for all the gamers on this planet!!!*

Download the FREE DEMO and check it out!

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MiniGolf 2003 1.0

minigolf 2003 1.0

Categories: internet   ||   amazeing 6.00


Amazeing is a realistic 3D maze walkthrough game - can you find the exit? Or will you be slimed by the evil mucus? Choose an small easy maze until you get used to the game, or boggle your brain with the huge 50x50 room single level challenge. Do you have what it takes to make it through the synpase charring 25x25x25 room 3D labyrinth?

Amazeing has a huge range of fully configurable options, so you can customise the look and game play to suit your mood and skill. Set the color scheme to one of the nine preset ones, or use your own. Turn on colour cycling and watch the waves of colour flow beneath your feet. A choice of viewpoints means you can choose the one that you understand the easiest, and you can even use your own messages on the walls!

There are a variety of things to make it easier. The hint feature gives you precise directions on which way you should be going. The distance indicator tells you just how far you are from the exit, so you can tell if you are getting closer or further away. The compass lets you know the direction you are facing, and the mud map automatically keeps track of where you've been.

Of course, there are also things to make the game harder. Watch out for the MUCUS (ewwww!!!), a big glob of mucus that can chase you through the maze. Don't get slimed now! Even the mucus is configurable - make it stupid or smart, and use the radar screen to avoid it. The random transportation factor lets you set the probability of suddenly being transported somewhere else in the maze. Think you've got the maze figured out? Think again!

Amazeing's automatic maze generator means every maze is different, every time. Handsome pastel colors, cartoon sound effects and an original midi music score will entertain you for hours as you wrestle with this brain teaser.

Other than needing Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT4 or XP, Amazeing has no special requirements. It will even run in 640x480x16 colours, although 800x600x256 is the recommended minimum.

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Amazeing 6.00

amazeing 6.00

Categories: internet   ||   bkresizer 1.0.1


BKResizer gives your .NET Windows applications and controls resolution independence.

BKResizer changes the size, location, and font size, scales the background and foreground images of controls as they are resized, without requiring you to write ANY code. It handles controls added at runtime, docked controls, anchored controls and any control nested in a container; docked or otherwise. Control developers can use BKResizer to add resolution independence to their own controls!

BKResizer enables you to change the size, location; font size, scale the background and foreground images of controls at runtime and it will keep everything in proportion. BKResizer will even remember the last size and location of any Windows Form.

BKResizer enhances each control's capabilities by allowing you to select how it will be resized through the control's very own properties without requiring you to write ANY code. For instance, increasing rendering speeds and reducing flicker through double-buffering, is now just a click away!

BKResizer's Test Mode enables you to modify your enhanced controls using the familiar property grid in a runtime environment. This is done without having to modify your code. You can then choose one or more of the design changes made in Test Mode, apply them in the Visual Studio designer and compile just once!

BKResizer enables you to manage control alignment, by introducing you to Virtual Bounds and Anchors. Combining Virtual Bounds and Anchors with Test Mode enables you to quickly handle your resized layouts without requiring re-design of your current user interfaces!

These are just SOME of the capabilities offered by this powerful feature rich .NET resizing component.

BKResizer was developed in 100% CLS compliant C# code. It contains thorough documentation in .CHM (Compiled HTML Help) format with tutorials and examples written in both C# and VB.NET for your convenience. Enjoy!

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BKResizer 1.0.1

bkresizer 1.0.1

Categories: internet   ||   mood meeps 1.1


Meeps are cute little creatures that unfortunately are rather prone to chronic mood swings. Can you clear them from the playing field? Ignore them and they'll get lonely... or jealous... maybe even angry... just don't let them turn EVIL!

All you have to do is get the Meeps together, and clear the playing field. Sounds easy? Think again - and you WILL have to think!

The full version of Mood Meeps comes with 80 levels ranging in difficulty from easy to seemingly impossible. Even when you finish each one, there's always the challenge of trying to do it in less moves.

Finish all the levels within the required number of moves, and you could win a cash prize! See the Mood Meeps homepage for more information. (http://www.moodmeeps.com/).

With its cute characters, a stunning array of graphics, and special features like portals and mood rings, Mood Meeps will keep you entertained for hours.

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Mood Meeps 1.1

mood meeps 1.1

Categories: internet   ||   aceftp 2 freeware 2.06.3


AceFTP 2 Freeware is the best all-around FTP client on the market. Its user-friendly interface will have you tranferring files quickly and easily in no time. Moreover, AceFTP 2 Freeware delivers speed, reliability and powerful features. Store and configure your connexions using the advanced site manager explorer style, make server-to-server file transfers, open several FTP sites easily, execute multiple file transfers concurrently, preview files with the integrated viewer, resume broken transfers and monitor transfers graphically with the Transfer Rate Viewer.

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AceFTP 2 Freeware 2.06.3

aceftp 2 freeware 2.06.3

Categories: internet   ||   tracking manager 2.2.5


Tracking Manager When you wish to display the tracking results for a given package, you simply highlight the item in the database and click the "Tracking Results" button to load the associated FedEx, UPS, or USPS Web page.
Tracking Manager also includes the FedEx shipping rates, a "UPS Quick Cost" calculator, a "USPS Rate" calculator, and a calendar.

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Tracking Manager 2.2.5

tracking manager 2.2.5

Categories: internet   ||   freecorder 2.3


Freecorder does exactly as it sounds -- it is an easy-to-use free software program that lets you record any sound you can hear on your PC, including Skype calls. Recordings are saved as MP3 files. Get started capturing audio on your PC today!

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Freecorder 2.3

freecorder 2.3

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

computer hardware

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Message Boards Browser 2.0 (20719)

Nokia PC Suite 6.82.21 (15771)

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99 Bottles of Beer Screensaver HTA Edition 1.00 (12184)

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